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apartheid needs to to be more clearly defined in the article. there 3 ways apartheid can be defined and/or be used. 1st, is the legal and political system of racial discrimination and segregation of the non white majority of south africa. a second way it can be used is to refer the crime of apartheid - that is the policies and practices of south africas apartheid have been declared a crime against humanity and if employed by nations outside the south african context, then legally those nations would committing the crime of apartheid and could face proceedings at the icc. the third use is describing all cases of racial discrimination within a country as apartheids and describing cases of discrimination not based on race as kinds of apartheids. malaysia is not south africa the 1st example that specifically means apartheid in south africa so is not appropriate. the 2nd use that describes a specific crime of apartheid probably not what is intended either as it the opening talks of comparisons to and being analoguous to apartheid rather making a legal case of some kind. which leaves us with apartheid as short hand for discrimination and segregation in general primarily race based but also non race based discrimination. you can use apartheid in this way neutrally, to broadly describe the disparities in the area in which is being described as an apartheid, but it is not used neutrally here. declaring specific states as apartheid states is not done neutrally. it is done to condemn and to call for action against the outrages of the states who stand accused of apartheid. the appropriateness of such accusations range from very appropriate to hysterical demonisations. it will rely on how close to the south african example these presumed apartheids are, if they meet the legal criteria for the crime of apartheid, a crime against humanity. apartheid inspires the revulsion and outrage that was felt almost globally against the extreme injustices the south african apartheid embodied. if it is an apt accusation, then we must hope that we can globally unite against the injustices being committed. if it does not describe such extreme and particular injustices the we really have to have question why it we are using the term 'apartheid' to describe what goes on somewhere.

this article does not use apartheid neutrally. it uses the term to shame and condemn malaysia for its policies of racial policies. several times throughout the article, south african apartheid is referenced directly to make malaysian directly analogous to the extremes of the original apartheid. no where in the article are examples given or is it explained in any real sense just what policies and practices have provoked the the comparisons to apartheid. nowhere do we get a picture of what this apartheid looks like, it does not show us how non-malays are discriminated against or how malays are favoured by legislation. we do not hear too much about who is telling us that an apartheid exists or their reasonings for these claims or give any indication any such claims have merit beyond rhetoric.

Malaysia is not apartheid era south africa. not by a very long way. there is racial discrimination in malaysia. it mostly is the favouritism shown to malays in housing, in education, in employment - in all ways one can dream up that government can give malays an advantage, legally, economically, politically, culturally. malays are given 'affirmative actions' to a degree thatnon malays are being directly discriminated against with specific legislations barring them from jobs or education, they are not being targetted specificaly with legislation that tkes any rights away, just that legislation favours malays so much non malays are crowded out. malay rights and opportunities are often the only rights and opportunities considered. it is not a good state of affairs by any means, and indications suggests the situation is becoming more and more acute, but it not an apartheid comparable to what happened in south africa. there is not anyone really saying malaysia has a clearly defined system of apartheid of a kind and of a severity that calling it as such is a valid and appropriate position to take. at best with have broad comparisons for rhetorical purposes. 'its like an apartheid' 'its almost an apartheid' these opinions made to draw attention to discrimination that is happening and the direction headed if not addressed. no one it seems is saying events are exactly an apartheid of the most heinous crimes against humanity variety who cannot not be dismissed as hysterical hyperbole.

the article requires a new title reflecting an artilce that should look at the what malaysia is doing and has done. claims of apartheid should not be made unless it is appropriate and useful to make such claims. AMassiveGay (talk) 01:12, 16 April 2022 (UTC)