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Erhard Seminars Training doesn't exist any more, the current, and very active, organization is Landmark Education. Landmark is an Employee Stock Option Plan for-profit corporation that has never distributed a dividend (according to Landmark information), owned by all the Staff. EST is of historical interest only, then. The real deal, since 1991, is Landmark.

I did the Landmark Forum in March, 2011, along with roughly 100,000 people that year, and chose to complete the Curriculum for Living (i.e., the Advanced Course and the Self-Expression and Leadership Program), then I coached in the SELP, then I took and just completed the Introduction Leader Program. As trainings go, Landmark is cheap, and the most intensive training (the ILP) is essentially free, except for expenses, i.e., one has to get there. For me, this meant a drive of more than two hours each way into Boston, and there were four weekends in New York.

Before I actually witnessed the Forum, I pretty much believed -- or would have believed -- what's in the article. Landmark is not, however, transmitting information, it is transmitting transformation, and Landmark calls its own techniques transformational learning, as distinct from informational learning. What is being transmitted is ancient, it did not originate with Landmark. However, access to this is unusual in modern society, and it sounds weird if you haven't experienced it.

One story: I've only been present for one Forum, my own, but I think this is standard because of what others have said. Sunday night, when nearly everyone has "popped," a term for an awakening, the Forum Leader asks, "What did you get for your $500?" And, without prompting, the audience roars, "Nothing."

And they aren't merely happy about that, they are ecstatic. That "nothing" is the most valuable experience possible.

Someone who is clueless about this "nothing" can easily see this as the most incredible con job imaginable! --Abd (talk) 15:35, 23 October 2012 (UTC)