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This is, quite simply, a horrendously biased and very poorly sourced article. It lacks all nuance. At the very least it could do with a great deal more work surrounding his ousting, particularly how the nationalisation of what is now BP's oil infrastructure was basically theft of foreign-owned assets, but also how he was rapidly becoming a dictator, Palpatine-like, by assuming more & more emergency powers, like rule by decree & complete personal control of the military, and dissolving Iran's parliament, making it legally impossible for anyone except the Shah to dismiss him (which is what the coup actually did, making it legal) - and he was planning on dissolving the monarchy too - and threatening to cut off oil supplies to the West (frankly, he should be considered the Putin of Iran); and that those who ousted him were mostly his former allies and coalition members, the military, and the Shah. — Unsigned, by: / talk / contribs