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Mohammad Mossadegh in 1965
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Mohammad Mosaddegh was a democratically elected former Prime Minister of Iran and a liberal-nationalist politician ousted by the CIA and Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. In general, there are many evaluations that he was more of a left-wing liberal (similar to the American "liberal").[1]

Early life[edit]

He was born in 1882 in Tehran, Iran's largest city. Since 1909, he has been educated in Europe, including France and Switzerland, and in 1913 he received a doctorate in law from the University of Neucĥtel in Switzerland.

He became an Iranian MP in 1915. He served as finance minister in 1921 and foreign minister in 1923. He showed a strong nationalist tendency and was often oppressed by authoritarian emperor. From 1940, it formed a major liberal force in Iranian politics.[2]

Prime Minister[edit]

He became the Prime Minister of Iran in 1951. He enacted laws to protect sick and injured workers and carried out liberal reforms to protect tenant farmers. In addition, he engaged in several public projects. While all were noble goals, he was also willing to rig parliament elections to force through his agenda.[3]

He carried out the nationalization of the Anglo-Persian Oil Company as an extension of liberal-nationalism and anti-imperialism. This greatly violated the interests of Britain, which belongs to the Anglo culture, and resulted in the misrecognition of him as a communist or socialist in the United States.[1]

CIA's foolish behavior (1953)[edit]

The CIA supported the anti-democracy coup of then emperor Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and arrested him illegally. In this way, Iran's liberal democratic regime was destroyed by the United States.[1]

Since his collapse, Iran has caused opposition from the Iranian people due to the emperor's corruption and dictatorship, and the Iran revolution has arisen due to the reactionist of Islamic forces. After the Iranian Revolution, Iran, as you know, became a fundamentalist "wingnut" country. If the United States had not ousted Mossadegh, Iran would not have had the anti-American sentiment as it is now, and it would have established itself as a secular liberal-democratic country.


He was imprisoned and released after 1956, but died in 1967 after being under house arrest for 11 years at home.

See also[edit]

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  • Salvador Allende - He is the leader of another democratic regime that collapsed due to the American coup. However, Mossadegh was a liberalist.


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