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Talk:Nigel Cheese

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Hard cheese[edit]

Hard cheese - this Cheese is easily disproved.

John Cleese's family name was originally 'Cheese' - I presume no connection. Anna Livia (talk) 12:22, 14 August 2022 (UTC)

Name, Birth[edit]

I believe I may have found a reference to Mr Cheese/Cooper/Hands marriage on Ancestry.

  • Nigel C Cheese married Ruth D Wickens in 1983.
    • Sometime after this seems to have started to go by the name Hands.
  • Nigel C Hands married Gail Copper Jan 2005; I think this may be why he goes by Cooper sometimes.
  • Nigel C Cheese born Jan/Feb/Mar 1960; mother's maiden name Williams. — Unsigned, by: / talk / contribs


Greg is Gregory Vernon Ottensmeyer Sr. He and Cheese were fellow-directors of a company called Titon Power Ltd. The company was struck off the UK Register of Companies in 2021. The company nevertheless still advertises energy-sources online. These claim to exploit zero-point energy, thanks to the technology of a 'Professor Nigel'. Ottensmeyer is an American who claims to live in Baltimore. He is associated with the GAEA company and with ZPEcoin ... but both websites have closed down. He is a Tesla-freak, like all free-energy scammers. The strange thing is that he appears to be a successful businessman in the telecommunications field. Another fellow-director of Cheese was a Tariq Abbasi MBE[sic]. He ran several other businesses from the same accommodation-address as the Titon company. One of these companies (net current assets: £1) reveals his main claim-to-fame: that he is the official representative of Liberland. This is 7 square miles of no-mans-land that exists because of a border dispute between Croatia and Serbia during during the break-up of Yugoslavia. Note the Croatia-connection: doesn't Cheese claim to live on Pag, a Croatian island in the Adriatic? . (talk) 05:20, 10 June 2023 (UTC)