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How exactly was Ventura playing politics when before the memorial he expressed a strong desire to appoint a democrat to serve out the remainder of the term? And as for the claim that the event wasn't politicized, Dick Cheney, while in bad health, knowing that in the aftermath of 9/11 the country was deeply divided as to how to move forward, offered to come to the funeral to express condolence, solidarity and to bridge the partisan divide. The Wellstone family was having none of it. When you say to someone from the other side you're not welcome here, it gives the appearance that people are there to agree with you, not to mourn. It gives the impression that conservatives who sincerely came to mourn Wellstone should be reminded of how evil they are while doing so. Yeah, that's what's known as politicizing something. If you look at the Regan funeral a little over a year later, a much more sincere effort was made at reconciliation. And there was also an election not too far away, so bang goes that excuse. The GOP summation of what happened is overall quite accurate. BTW Cheney is a war criminal who belongs in jail and Ronald Reagan was probably our worst president with the exception of Honest Abe and the White House's current occupant. Burkean (talk) 12:08, 4 February 2016 (UTC)