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Minor change in the controversy section[edit]

The proper term isn't non-lethal, as the Taser is known to have caused lethal effects on rare occasions. There was also some scientific research that showed potentially lethal cardiac rhythm changes in experimental animals that reflected the incidence rate of lethality in humans. The PROPER term is less than lethal weapon, a class which includes chemical agents (tear gas CS/CN/OC (pepper) spray/grenade or the Russian Fentanyl derived agent used in a response to terrorists holding a theater full of hostages (with high collateral losses of hostages as well)), rubber bullets, sonic weapons, bean bag rounds and an experimental microwave weapon that causes a burning sensation to the skin. The key difference is, to actually incapacitate a human, the level of force required is typically a hazardous level that can cause fatalities.Wzrd1 (talk) 17:09, 15 October 2012 (UTC)

Uncooperative Granny[edit]

I'm from Austin and at first it does seem extreme but if you watch the unedited dashboard camera footage of the incident, she was endangering herself and the officer who pulled her over. What happened was she was speeding on 183 which is a highway that has had a lot of deaths from speeding. All she was going to get was a speeding ticket. She refused to sign the ticket which means you are going to go to jail in Texas. She gets out of the car and then demands to have the 'fucking ticket' and saying a lot of ungranny things to the officer. He was trying to get her off the side of the road for their safety and then she decided she was getting back in her car due to her thinking age exempts her from obeying the law. I'm not saying she deserved to get tased but she created that entire situation from what would have been a simple traffic ticket. I normally tend to be wary of police using the taser but in this case it was probably the safest option. Age does not mean one is wise. Here's the unedited footage. After the news got a hold of it, she refused to do any further interviews with them. PeeBay (talk) 20:55, 1 November 2017 (UTC)