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its a youtube channel that I am not only aware of but even watch on occasion. simon whistler is surely the hardest working man on the internet. its a channel that sure does wear its bias on its sleeve, no bad thing, but it is more neutral than this age credits. they are 20 -30 min videos, including padding and paid content, to explain often complex situations where the necessary history of the issue can take up the majority of run time. this is not in depth analysis supported by exhaustive research. its barebones summary. it tells you a thing is happening, it might interest you. if it does you can take a closer look. if it not, you've been made vaguely aware of something peripheral to your world, that will make you look like you know stuff when you go to partys. that's what internet was invented for, so you wont give of a vibe of being on some kind of watch list because your real interests are a little too specific. it just makes you look weird when you eventually ask to touch their penis. also, its a politics related vid that wont result in your recommended list being flooded with Nazis. just don't base any momentous life decisions based on their content without further investigation. and ensure you obtain consent for anything penis related that results. AMassiveGay (talk) 15:53, 8 May 2020 (UTC)