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Do you know when you google "weapon salve", we are the third article to pop up. An "Entry point" if i've ever seen one. That said, I think we probably should delete this, as our description makes no real sense, and i can't really find anything except "infopage" description that it is a "salve applied to a weapon with the intent to cure a wound caused by that weapon by sympathetic magic". and a scottish poem about salving a sword. (this is a cool poem, it's just, well, copywritten. boo) weapon salve poem.--Sun mowse.pngEn attendant Godot 20:31, 29 June 2011 (UTC)

Rather than swab out wounds black with gangrene, learning how shoulders look deprived of arms, and the way maces interact with heads, the medieval doctor might choose to medicate what caused the injury. How much more pleasant than screams and groans, thrashing and pleas, to settle some patient sword on a soft bed, anointing its silver length, its jeweled forehead.

I have no problem with this article. Mjollnir.svgListenerXTalkerX 20:45, 29 June 2011 (UTC)
Cept it's not accurate, nor does it mean anything. but to make it accurate, you need some kind of reference to it that I can't find. From other sources, the salve is a normal salve (not blood) that you put on the sword. here it is blood. As much as i think we like woo, it does stand to reason we should be able to read our own articles and figure out what the woo actually is. or am i just nuts here?--Sun mowse.pngEn attendant Godot 20:51, 29 June 2011 (UTC)
That is something that can be remedied by editing the article rather than deleting it. Mjollnir.svgListenerXTalkerX 21:00, 29 June 2011 (UTC)
Well, given how little is out there, i think we now have the second best Weapon Salve article in the world. but don't think i'm saying that's an accomplishment hehehehe. Serious question - can we use some of the tounge-in-cheek poem i cited, or does that fully violate copywright. I'm not up on the law for a site like this.--Sun mowse.pngEn attendant Godot 21:05, 29 June 2011 (UTC)
You could contact the author. ЩєазєюіδWeaselly.jpgMethinks it is a Weasel 21:12, 29 June 2011 (UTC)