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B   U   S   Y   !
This user wants you to think they have lots of work, etc. to do in the real world this week. In reality, it just has a lot to do with goats.

Owing to divers intrusions on the part of the real world, I do not believe I will be able to edit here regularly for an extended period of time. I will still be present behind the scenes, doing whatever I can, but my level of involvement with editing will probably remain the same as it has been since December.

Keep the Wiki safe for me while I am not here. Keep in mind that many of our fellow adversaries of the wingnuts are no friends of rationalism. There are pinkos beating at the gates; more now, I think, than before. Many are in open contempt of rationalism, and most contemn it tacitly. Their ideological kindred have a documented history of making useful idiots out of liberal-minded people.

Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them, says a book of which many of you have chosen to remain ignorant; their most common fruits are the prejudiced non sequitur, the ad hominem, and the abuse of statistics. Watch out for them, stand up to them, and the Wiki should be just fine. A little snark will knock 'em dead.

Lastly, never forget to chill the f*** out. Fanatics and cranks all hate that.

Hail the High One, Mjollnir.svgListenerXTalkerX 06:29, 5 February 2013 (UTC)

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Words of wisdom for the frustrated RationalWiki editor[edit]

When dealing with other editors[edit]

I counsel you seventh, if you come to disputing
with fierce-hearted fighters,
to battle is better than to be burned in the hall,
although it gleam with gold.
—Sigrdrífumál, stave 27.
I counsel you first, among kinsmen remain
free from fault and reproach:
Be slow to wrath though they wrong you much;
This will do you good in death.
Sigrdrífumál, stave 18.
The wise guest has his way of dealing
with those who taunt him at table:
He smiles through the meal, not seeming to hear
the twaddle talked by his foes.
Hávamál, stave 31.

When writing articles[edit]

Comes a Bishop, maybe, or a solemn D.D.,
Oh, beware of his anger provoking!
Better not pull his hair — don't stick pins in his chair;
He don't understand practical joking.
W.S. Gilbert