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Contradictory arguments[edit]

These are contradictory notions. Some people want a White History month because there are months for other ethnicities. A counterargument is given that not all ethnic groups can be represented. A conclusion is placed saying that this system is unideal because of this. Your response is that this is not an issue because"there are already some months being dedicated to multiple groups, so this is no problem." A complete circle has been made. Either the argument against having months dedicated to celebrating the heritage of ethnicities is valid, or it isn't. Nothing indicates why only Whites should not have such a month. You also failed to justify the article's categorization.--HerbSewell (talk) 11:59, 30 August 2015 (UTC)

Cat:rasism is a fucking obvious question which I refuse to answer. You should read what the article actually says: it creates problems, they can be rectified in this way, or we can realize that black history is an integral part of history, as is white history. Also, do you know why Black History Month became a thing? WalkerWalkerWalker 12:39, 30 August 2015 (UTC)
"Cat:rasism is a fucking obvious question which I refuse to answer."
The answer is not obvious. In no part of the article is it explained why Whites wanting a month to celebrate their heritage is racism, nor why it wouldn't be equally in stance of racism for other ethnic groups to also want months celebrating their heritage.
"You should read what the article actually says"
This falsely implies that I didn't read the article.
"we can realize that black history is an integral part of history, as is white history."
If the argument against White History Month exists which applies equally to other months celebrating heritage on the basis of a limited quantity of months, then this should be acknowledged.
"Also, do you know why Black History Month became a thing?"
In the United States, Black History Month was an extension of Negro History Week, which originated when the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History deemed that the second week of February would be "Negro History Week." This is, of course, completely irrelevant, and I did not even mention Black History month. Jewish American Heritage Month and Asian Pacific American History Month are also mentioned in the article. Are the origins of those heritage months also relevant to the discussion, or only Black History Month?--HerbSewell (talk) 12:53, 30 August 2015 (UTC)

F**k logic, lets pander to over-represented minorities[edit]

A key problem with the idea is that, by the same logic, there should be a month for every other ethnic group - and as there are more than twelve ethnicities in the world, there aren't enough months in the year to cover them all.

Which is exactly the reason why, instead of arguing for a White history month, we should be asking if we really need ANY ethnicity history month. Even discounting the lack of WHM, there are so many ethnicities, that apportioning such limited months to (what essentially amounts to) the largest and most vocal ethnic pressure groups (ie: actually not that minor) pushes out the possibility of genuine minority groups getting a history month.

For example, with less Middle Eastern citizens than Black/Asian/Pacific citizens, it's inconceivable there is no Middle East Heritage month, since these are among the most minority and ostracized group in the US. But no, we need to celebrate the history of the 2nd/3rd/4th LARGEST represented groups. Yep, seems legit!

BHM wasn’t founded because they’re a minority ethnic group in those countries that have it. BHM was founded to combat potentially racist assumptions that African-Americans, Afro-Caribbeans or other such historic groups had no impact at all in their countries’ culture or histories outside of being slaves at one point. Since traditional History classes focus on political and military history and not social history, the unique culture and history of African-Americans especially in the south would have been ignored completely and forgotten about.— (talk) 18:48, 26 September 2017 (UTC)


I think its funny how it says "Those who advocate having a White History Month tend to point to the existence of Black History Month and say that, on grounds of racial equality, it is only fair that white people are similarly honored.[2][3] Opponents respond that every month is White History Month.[4][5][6]" ME as a person, I don't just look at black history month. I look at every race/color(whatever you wanna be). I don't feel like white history month is everyday, I have been in the system and I know how cops play they don't care, just to look at lil girls and boys body's and think its ok. They called me anemic, and etc. Honestly cops are trash and yes next time I crash someone else can call them. People wanna say we have privilege, to what may I ask? Hispanics have a history month, also there is Irish-American Heritage Month, Asian Pacific American Heritage, Jewish American Heritage Month, American Indian Heritage Month. I feel like everyone ( no matter what color) is racists towards people of any color. So why does everyone only blame white people, like honesty. The first slave owner was black and he had white, black, and Hispanics as his slaves. So in reality everyone has slavery in there "bloodlines". White history month should happen, like pride month is a real thing, what did they do that was so great date the person they love like c'mon, they said they did more than people in war did, like explain that to me. As someone who is in the younger generation I see a lot of problems in the world, we have people killing them self's, people selling drugs on the street, depending on who you vote on depends if your a good person, if your white people will make fun of you for being pale and also get made fun of because supposedly we cant dance, cook, sing, and play sports, in my opinion that is racist because you are making fun or judging their skin color. Us kids learn everything that the adults put off. This world is still messed up because slavery is still happing over the seas, they kidnap any race and bring them over there. But no one is saying anything about that are they, no they still bring up the past and complain. I'm so sorry that 148 years ago, that just a .5% chance my dead grandparents I never met in my life and I don't even know their names could've been a slave owner but what does that have to do with me, I'm just trying to go to school, get a job, and have a nice life but the only way that can happen is because I'm "privileged". so your telling me I'm going to work my ass off and have someone say that it was just handed to me because of my skin color hmmmmm? doesn't add up. If a few races have a history month, then everyone race should. We should be able to celebrate being alive together instead of causing fight every day because of what happened a long time ago. There are bigger problems in the world then white people having a history month. I agree with the protest but the riots were just stupid, burning peoples life and things they worked hard on to the ground and doing it to make a point, what that if now your race passes from a "white cop" there will be destruction. the world is just gonna get scary in about 3 years. But this is just a rant, no hard feelings but get over your self, and maybe if people weren't so rude this world would be a better place. Just like black history month, i was at school and called up to the class to do my project, a black student yelled at me that I couldn't talk or do anything because it was black history month... wth does me talking have anything to do with that, but let me think its just because I'm white. So see everyone can be racist and if there are 4-6 history months then every race should have one. — Unsigned, by: Bobbyboy / talk / contribs