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White History Month

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im against a white history month for the simple reasons that our history is far far to complex and interesting to compress into a single month and if there was a white history month it would be used as a (false)justification for only teaching our history in that single month the rest of the year being slavishly devoted to learning about various orcs.
Anglo-Saxon Foundation member "wesle".[1]

White History Month is a hypothetical month-long celebration of the white race's history. Those who advocate having a White History Month tend to point to the existence of Black History Month and say that, on grounds of racial equality, it is only fair that white people are similarly honoured.[2][3] Opponents respond that every month is White History Month.[4][5][6]

A prominent supporter is the British National Party, which has picked November as White History Month.[7][8] This date, however, is not agreed upon by all proponents - thewhitehistorymonth.com, an American site, has picked July, presumably because of its connection to the Declaration of Independence.

A key problem with the idea is that, by the same logic, there should be a month for every other ethnic group - and as there are more than twelve ethnicities in the world, there aren't enough months in the year to cover them all.[9] In fact, this is already an issue: the BNP's White History Month overlaps with Native American Heritage Month, also in November.[10]

As an aside, others have proposed a more credible solution to any inequalities that arise from Black History Month: to eventually avoid celebrating it.[11] "I don't want a Black History Month," said actor Morgan Freeman. "Black history is American history."[12]

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