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Articles about category.

Best-edited articles in the "Category" category

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Everything a growing category needs!


Parameter name: What it does: Paste me:
1st unnamed parameter If it's empty, the template won't have the "Best of" or "Important articles" sections. Use for small categories that don't have many silver/gold ranked articles or important articles. {{category|}}
alt Changes the main article linked to at the top. By default, links to {{PAGENAME}} {{category|alt=RationalWiki}}
icon Adds the icon for the category. By default: first, searches for file "File:Icon"; second, searches for "File:alt.svg"; third, searches for "File:PAGENAME.svg"; if none exist, no file displays. {{category|icon=Wigorw.svg}}
text Adds the description of the category. By default, says "Articles about PAGENAME". {{category|text=Articles about goats.}}
best Manually adds to the "Best-edited articles in the 'PAGENAME' category" to the section. By default, does not display. Should be in the form "*Goats





imp (depracted) Unused. Manually adds to the "Important PAGENAME articles" section. By default, does not display. Should be in the form "*Goats





quote Adds a quote. By default, does not display. {{category|quote=Goats goats goats!}}
author Adds the author of the quote. By default, does not display. {{category|author=RationalWiki}}
links Adds any useful links, such as links to sidebar navigation templates. Should be in the form "*[[Goats]]





category Sets what categories the "important" and "best of" sections draw articles from. Multiple categories must be separated with {{!}}. To get all the categories of a metacategory, go to Template:Category/meta, edit it, and follow its instructions. {{category|category=Goats {{!}} Scapegoat {{!}} RatWiki}}

Paste me

{{category|1=        <!-- If empty, defaults to "simple" category style. -->
|alt=                <!-- Sets the "main article". -->
|icon=               <!-- Sets the icon. -->
|text=               <!-- Sets the text. -->
|best=               <!-- Adds to the "best of" section. -->
|quote=              <!-- Adds a quote. -->
|author=             <!-- Adds an author for the quote. -->
|links=              <!-- Adds useful links. -->
|category=           <!-- Sets categories for important and best of sections. -->

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