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Kent Hovind
Calling creationism "science" ain't a crime, but cheating the taxman is.

Kent E. Hovind (or, to use his full academic title, Kent E. Hovind, inmate #06452-017) is a young Earth creationist, promoter of imminent millennialism, and convicted felon.

Hovind promotes young Earth creationist and Christian dominionist views in lectures and videos sold or publicized through his Creation Science Evangelism organization (despite having no legitimate degree). Hovind created The Hovind "Theory" to explain how the global flood got all the water — namely, a magic comet didit. Hovind then proceeded to ignore all scientific evidence on dinosaurs gathered this side of 1960. Not satisfied with a record of failure, in 2001, Hovind started Dinosaur Adventure Land, an amusement park in his backyard.

Hovind subscribed to (and still believes in) strawman theory, which holds that the government can't touch you because "KENT HOVIND" and "Kent Hovind" aren't the same. No, really. This "sovereign American" nonsense (and his support of tax protesting) understandably hurt his case when -- in November 2006 -- a federal jury found Kent guilty of several tax-related charges and sentenced him to 10 years prison.

And, to ice the cake, he's actually (tried to) sue RationalWiki.