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William Lane Craig
Dr. Craig in 2005

William Lane Craig is an American Christian apologist, philosopher, and theologian. Craig claims that religious faith must be spread through appeals to reason and logic or else atheism will triumph. However, this is more about crafting a more effective "sales pitch", than any real commitment to reason since Craig is essentially willing to abandon reason if it provides the "wrong" answers (i.e. those incompatible with Craig's religious dogma).

Craig has authored numerous books on subjects including cosmology, philosophy of science, theology, the Christian church, Christian apologetics, metaphysics and epistemology, and history. However, all of Craig's work has a tendency to be fodder for his apologetics; for instance, his work on philosophy of time seems to consist of little more than trying to promote A-theory of time because that's required to get his cosmological argument to work. Indeed, promoting the Kalām and attempting to use it as proof for the existence of God is what Craig is best known for. His work is heavily dependent on the perspective of reformed epistemology, which suffers from the same problems and weaknesses as presuppositional apologetics, namely engaging in a circular argument that's depending entirely on the a priori unwarranted assumption that God exists — something that's not alleviated by simply claiming that God's existence is axiomatic.