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Pokud hledáte tento článek v českém jazyce, můžete ho najít na [[{{{1}}}]].

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Use this template on other language versions of pages we also have in Czech to link to the Czech version.

It has one argument, which is the name of the Czech language version of the page.

See also

  • Template:En, to link to the English version of a page.
  • Template:Br, to link to the Portuguese version of a page.
  • Template:De, to link to the German version of a page.
  • Template:Eo, to link to the Esperanto version of a page.
  • Template:Es, to link to the Spanish version of a page.
  • Template:Fr, to link to the French version of a page.
  • Template:Gr, to link to the Greek version of a page.
  • Template:Ru, to link to the Russian version of a page