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Για αυτό το λήμμα υπάχει και διαθέσιμο άρθρο στα Ελληνικά, με τίτλο [[You must specify a page name!]].

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Use this template on the other language language version of a page we have in multiple languages, for example in both Greek and the other language.

It has one argument, which is the name of the alternate language version of the page. For example, {{En|Goat}} goes on the cabra page, and it links to goat, {{De|Ziege}} goes on the goat page, and it links to Ziege, and so on.

The image used in this template is File:Lang-gr.gif.

Multiple templates

If you are placing multiple templates, it is advisable to use a wikitable as shown below (example from Halloween) to avoid whitespace or stacking errors.

=== Want to read this in another language? ===
|{{es|Halloween (español)}}
|{{fr|Halloween (français)}}

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