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The result of this template will not be visible to those without the following on their Monobook.js (or monobook_adfree.js) page.

function showFixtabs() {
	var linx = document.getElementById("fixtabs");
	if (linx)



  • type: "user:(your name)/monobook.js" in the search box & click "Go" to "go to" or "create" your monobook.js page
  • or type: "user:(your name)/monobook_adfree.js" in the search box & click "Go" if you're using the "adfree" skin.

{{fixtabs}} will follow you down the page.

There are 6 tabs:

  • page
    if you're on a talk page links to the article page, if not, refreshes/reloads the current page.
  • talk
    similarly if you're on a talkpage, refreshes/reloads, otherwise links to the talk page.
  • edit
    opens the current page for editing.
  • edit top(0)
    opens the first (0th) section of the page for editing.
  • edit new(+)
    opens a new section (comment) for editing.
  • history
    links to the page's editing history.

These tabs can be seen at the top of this page.

There are additional tabs available:

They can be accessed using:

  • {{fixtabs|WIGO}} (puts the following tabs beneath the preceding - unfortunately hiding some of the existing tabs)
or by using:
  • {{fixtabs|WIGOR}} (puts the tabs on the screen at the right, beneath the personal links. This looks untidy as it leaves a gap above as you scroll down the page)

The WIGO tabs:

  • CP
    link to WIGOCP
    followed by a link to its talk page
  • world
    link to WIGO world
    followed by a link to its talk page
  • clog
    link to WIGO clogosphere
    followed by a link to its talk page
  • blog
    link to WIGO blogosphere
    followed by a link to its talk page
  • top of page
    links to the top of the page!

All these tabs (WIGO) can be seen on this page's talk page and the WIGOR version on my talk page

Other sets of tabs could be implemented quite simply.

Not totally happy with the placement of the WIGO tabs, but where else to put them?