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This template is used for storing and displaying holiday decorations that appear on the Recent Changes and Watchlist pages.

To display a message, it should be contained in a subtemplate titled in one of these three formats, which define when it displays:

  • {{Holydaze/MMDD}}
  • {{Holydaze/#DayMM}}
  • {{Holydaze/LDayMM}}

Fixed Gregorian Dates

If a holiday is on a fixed date of the month, create a template of the form: {{Holydaze/MMDD}}, where MM is the month, 01 to 12, and DD is the date, 01 through 31

Moving Date/Fixed Day of the Month

If a holiday is a specific day of the week of a specific week of the month, create a template {{Holydaze/#DayMM}}. For example if the holiday is the third Monday of August the template would be {{Holydaze/3Mon08}}. If holiday is a day in the last week of the month than title the template {{Holydaze/LDayMM}} for example, the last Tuesday in May would be {{Holydaze/LTue05}}. Obviously, we are using three letter abbreviations for the days. In English.


Easter shows up by itself on the correct date every year. Both Roman and Orthodox. No really, it took ages.


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