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This template creates a link that is either an internal link to a RW page, or link to Wikipedia if no such page exists. This may be occasionally useful in articles. Tell the creator if the template breaks, or try to fix it yourself.

Template:red2wp is an alias of this one.


  • {{red2wp|article}} displays "article" as an internal link if "article" exists here. If it does not exist, then it links to Wikipedia's page on "article"
  • {{red2wp|article|text}} does the same, with "text" being shown to the reader

For example, the code

 All hail lord {{red2wp|Goat|goat!}}
 ...Or maybe lord {{red2wp|Four-toed jerboa|jerboa.}}

displays as

All hail lord goat!
...Or maybe lord jerboa.Wikipedia

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