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[edit] [purge] Documentation


This is a template for in-text linking to Wikipedia in articles, as using a piped link with the [[wp:]] prefix creates a link that is hard to distinguish from an internal link and may confuse the reader. It's not necessary to use the template on discussion pages, because there the wp: prefix doesn't have to be hidden.

Like the other Wikipedia templates, it's best to use this template sparingly.

If the name of the Wikipedia article is the same as the desired text of the link, use just

{{wpl|name of Wikipedia article}}

If you want to put some other text in the link or format it in some special way, you need to pass it as the second parameter:

{{wpl|name of Wikipedia article|''alternative'' text}}

To avoid leaving a large space before a punctuation sign, leave the second parameter blank and use the punctuation sign as a third parameter. For example:


results in Conservapedia,Wikipedia

The image used in this template is File:Wikipedia's W.svg.

See also

  • Template:Red2wp, for a link that is either an internal link to a RW page, or link to Wikipedia if no such page exists.
  • Template:W, for linking to particular articles at Wikipedia without footnotes.
  • Template:Wpa, for a handy way of including links to Wikipedia in footnotes.
  • Template:Wplang, for an experimental template for non-English Wikipedia articles.
  • Template:Wplnologo, for links to Wikipedia without showing the Wikipedia icon next to the link.
  • Template:Wpr, for in-text linking to Wikipedia in articles, but *also* creates a (presumably red) link to indicate this probably ought to exist on RW.