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will produce

Stilton.jpg text

{{ubox|id text=ID|text}}

will produce

ID text

Alternatively, if the text contains an = sign, use the "info" parameter:

{{ubox|Stilton.jpg|info=text with = sign}}
{{ubox|id text=ID|info=text with = sign}}

will produce

Stilton.jpg text with = sign
ID text with = sign


  • float: left, right or none
  • border: border color
  • border-style: css border property, overrides "border" parameter; e.g. medium dashed green
  • style: additional css for the whole box
  • background: background color for both halves
  • id background: background color for image/id
  • info background: background color for info text
  • color: text color for both halves
  • id color: text color for id
  • info color: text color for info text
  • id size: size of the image/id, in pixels, without px. The image will be resized to fit inside a square that is "id size" wide and high.
  • id style: additional css for the image/id
  • info style: additional css for the info text
  • cat: a category name; users will be added to this category if they place the userbox on their user page

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