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Userboxes are mostly used to annoy visitors and attract like-minded friends. (Oh, and to a lesser extent to allow others to know a little about the user).

Adding userboxes[edit]

Contributors are encouraged to add user boxes not already listed to the lists given below. If a new grouping is warranted, users are encouraged to create the new grouping, and link to it from this page.

Putting them on your page[edit]


example by noobmaster69
one userbox

two userboxen

3 luserblocks

many userboxes!

To make a column of them on the right side (the simplest thing to do), just include this on your user page:

{{userboxtop|Your Pithy Comment}}
{{User foobox}}
{{User barbox}}
{{User foo bar}}

Where "foobox", "barbox" and "foo bar" are userbox names.

If you want to use many boxes, and have sections on your user page, this format will eventually run up against a MediaWiki bug that totally screws up the "edit section" linkybuttons, but it works great if your user page is fairly simple and you don't have 8,000 userboxen.

If you are an uber 1337 hackzor or scriptkiddie, or just a userbox fiend, you might want to use the next section's advice, which makes it easier for other editors to ignore your egomania by cramming it into a little box.

Scrollable box[edit]

my password is userbox
one generic box

2 religiobox

3 science blocks

fore political box

5ive goofy box

SIX! silly homemade box

7 music box

8 Kick Box!

9 number nine... number nine...

surrealist box

Pack a cardboard box to move

e Euler's box

Some of us find that our proud collection of boxen mucks up our page. To stuff them all into a nice scrollable box, do this:

{{userboxboxtop|Your Pithy Comment|Border color}}
{{User foobox}}
{{User barbox}}
{{User foo bar}}

(note the "userboxbox" in the template name)

You can go one god further by putting all your boxes in a subpage, like "user:name/userboxes", and transcluding it between the top and bottom templates:

{{userboxboxtop|Your Pithy Comment|Border color}}

Nifty, eh?


The following are lists of userboxes flexibly grouped by topic. Some userboxes may appear in more than one grouping.

Making your own, and saving them[edit]

To make your own userbox, enter a name and click the button. Userboxes are saved under names that follow this format: "Template:User userboxname". You only have to enter userboxname into this box, e.g. loser (it should be lowercase). Then follow the instructions.

If this userbox is for your userpage only, copy the text above the line where it says so, and paste it on your userpage. However, if you want to make your new contribution easily available to other users, save the page.

Having done this, you now only need the short version to use it on your page (e.g., {{User loser}}). The last step, to promote your baby for as long as this wiki lasts, is to add it to one (or more, as appropriate) of the lists above. They are pretty easy to edit - when you are doing so, you will see more wiki-gibberish that creates the tables. Just copy what another userbox is set up as, paste it in as its own (2) lines, and edit the name to the name of your fabulous creation.

If you need further assistance in making your box pretty, or readable, etc., just ask any of our "Go-to folks", or me and they or I will be glad to help you. I loves me some userbox layout helpering!

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