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Dear Sir or Madame,

Your presence indicates to me that we share a common concern. Our beloved RationalWiki is being overrun by furries, thugs, and others of their ilk who don't realise how fortunate they are to share our way of life.

I, like you, have often despaired that the site we fought for shall be irrevocably ruined by their selfish wish to change the way we do things. However, I know that we are made of sterner stuff. To despair is to surrender everything we have worked so hard to build.

anonymous user, I invite you to join the Residents' Association and help turn back this tide of disrespect. Add this userbox to your user page, but only if you're a proud Rationalwikian wishing to return to a time when things were simpler, and people knew how to deal with disrespectful behaviour:

{{User Residents' Association}}

Yours faithfully,

Concernedresident Esq.
Chairman of the Residents' Association

Residents association.png This user is quite content with things as they are, and demands that you show respect for RationalWiki's rich heritage and traditions.