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The Trinity Foundation is a Christian watchdog organization based in Texas. Its primary function is to monitor and investigate the activities of televangelists and breaches of public trust through misuse of funds donated to religious organizations. They have worked with investigative media to try to "expose fraud and abuses committed in the name of God"[1] and worked with the Senate Financing Committee in their investigation into the non-profit tax status of certain televangelists (though this investigation was entirely ineffectual).[2][3]

However, the Trinity Foundation itself is not without controversy. Former member Wendy Duncan wrote a book, I Can't Hear God Anymore: Life in a Dallas Cult, exposing the inner workings of this group.[4] Additionally, in a long article published in 2006, The Dallas Observer reported allegations by former members that Trinity Foundation is a religious cult.[5]

The Trinity Foundation also published a periodical called The Wittenburg Door, which did a good job at offending the religiously sensitive.[6] The periodical is now a website-only operation.[7]

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