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Greg Locke (1976–) is a transphobic, homophobic, "Climate Chamge"[sic]-denying[1] Baptist pastor at the Global Vision Bible Church, in Tennessee.

Locke's first notable foray into the public sphere (after his many arrests, of course) was an example of the "stopped clock" saying: it was a takedown of Israeli Arab (i.e. Palestinan) faith healer Benny Hinn in a self-published book entitled Blinded by Benny (2005).

Locke uses his substantial online following on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to transform his childhood propensity as a class bully into the literal bully pulpit, with his vision of "always being filled with hate and rage"[2] directed toward transgender people[3] gays, and cross-dressers,[4] just as Jesus surely would have wanted him to.[citation NOT needed].

Locke came to prominence when he criticized Target's decision to provide gender-neutral toilets.[2][3] Locke's prophetic and godly status was somewhat tarnished when it was reported that he cheated on his wife with the church secretary and packed the wife and children on a bus out of town so he could focus on the sinful delights of his new girlfriend.[5] He eventually divorced his wife to marry his girlfriend,[6] so no doubt God has forgiven him for his breach of the Ten Commandments.

If so, however, some of his fellow Christians have not. He has been roundly criticized among other things for abandoning the Church of the King James Version,[7] but much more seriously for having allegedly abused his wife both physically and psychologically.[8]

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