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Being stuck in a conservative town is pretty gawful when you hold a anarcho-communist opinion. At least I can get along with Libertarians as long as no one brings up markets.

'Bout M'self[edit]

Although I claim to be anarcho-communist about three lines up, I'm actually more of a Libertarian Socialist, I believe in a small central government to help support personal liberty, mostly because I hate it when hardcore christians or other fundamentalists try to control my life by messing with my surroundings. My name is actually Aleksandr, which is actually pretty easy to convert to Cyrillic, mostly because it's already in the phonetic format for Russian.

I would just like to make it clear I'm an American, and I support the Constitution, I just think it would work better in a society lacking an economy. That can be pretty hard to explain to some people, though, because most of my experience with being honest to people usually ends up with me relating to total Anarchists, who think I hate America, or getting reviled by hardcore "patriots", because they think of Stalinism when you say Communism.

Well, that's my own personal spiel. Thanks for staying around to actually read trough that, and I'm sorry for any grammatical pains you had to suffer.