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I am the Ultimate Avenger, Master of Souls, and Avatar of Life!!!

Master of Souls
This user is strictly opposed to libertarianism
This user is a deist; God is not paying attention.
Nuclear Power Yes Please.png This user supports the nuclear-industrial complex

Statue-Augustus.jpg This user is a lover of History
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This user enjoys
Dry Aged USDA Prime..
Latin for beginners (1911) (14790080263).jpg AVE CAESAR
For outstanding work on the History article Constantine, the user
Adam Warlock
is awarded a triumph!
# This user chats on Discord as Gus Chiggins#2129.

List of Articles I have worked on:

Constantine (with RoninMacBeth)

Hyperianism (with another user)

Articles I am currently working on:

Justinian (w/RoninMacBeth)