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I'm an MRA who actively opposes gynocentrism whether it be within the feminist sphere of influence, or traditionalist conservatives. The annoyance I create when I don't "pick a side" between these two factions is both because I am a principled person with justice in mind, and for the lulz.

I occasionally maintain a blog and a YouTube account where I sometime post videos and make comments. I recently renamed my channel "Gynocentrism Watch", as I feel it's more fitting with a name that has a better ring to it than the placeholder I use as my RationalWiki account name.

Karikatur 7.jpg Freedom of speech can be dangerous, but must be upheld by every one of us.
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This user is a supporter of Capitalism.
Anti communist.png This user is strictly opposed to Communism.
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This user's Political Compass coordinates are (-1.5,-1.69).
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This user believes in free speech for everyone - even idiots.
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This user believes in equal rights for gay people.
This user believes in the right to bear frickin' sweet guns.
This user believes in the right to arm frickin' sweet bears.
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"That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence."
This user believes that "Magic man done it" isn't science.

This user is an ape —
and so are you.
This user does not believe so called "faith" can contend with modern science.
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This user knows mental health nurses are more authoritative about mental health issues than Conservapedia.