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My Illogicopedia userpage is here. The history of this nickname is here. On this wiki, I generally use another name for serious purposes.

Illogicopedia and RationalWiki's funspace[edit]

Illogicopedia welcomes absurd humor, with quality criteria even lower than those of RationalWiki's funspace. Thus, surrealistic writing and other nonsense which is inoffensive enough and "interesting to look at and possibly even read" can potentially be smuggled over to Illogicopedia. However, Illogicopedia does have a standard, and the "total crap" typically produced by serial vandalists is unlikely to find any home there.

There is also a smaller portion of thoughtful articles on Illogicopedia which could fit the criteria for ha-ha-only-serious fun pages here, or occasionally humoristic essay pages. Whether copying such over is a good idea may possibly be worth discussing in a few cases.


After years of fluffalizing, I became so fluffy that I was at risk of being fluffalized to oblivion. Eventually, I went poof. Then I somehow rematerialized at this wiki.

Sock puppet.jpg This user is an announced sockpuppet of ApooftGnegiol

I am still well-versed in the field of fluffology. You may schedule an appointment for fluffotherapy if you are in serious need, through the serious use of fluffy means.