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Many people like Ken are obsessed with RationalWiki and are like a dog with a bone. Their dogged persistence in thinking about RationalWiki, discussing RationalWiki and making forecasts about RationalWiki is quite prodigious and intense. RationalWiki obsessive compulsive disorder (ROCD) is a psychological malady which can afflict Conservapedians and it involves having intense, compulsive and obsessive thoughts about RationalWiki.

Question: Will the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th edition (DSM IV) be the next authoritative source to recognize this debilitating mental health disorder?

4 symptoms of RationalWiki obsessive compulsive disorder[edit]

  1. Your name is Ken.
  2. You constantly make at least 5 accounts every single day here in RationalWiki which you try to link back to Conservapedia in RationalWiki's talk page but its futile because you get blocked immediately.
  3. You make essays on Conservapedia showing how much you hate RationalWiki.
  4. Your essays are just a gallery of different pictures which make absolutely no sense whatsoever.