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Patrick Lloyd McCrory is the former governor of North Carolina (2013-2017), responsible for the likes of HB2 without even reading the whole thing[1] (a lot of which was because he wanted revenge on Charlotte officials[2]) and then filing a lawsuit when the feds said it was unconstitutional.[3] When he narrowly lost re-election in 2016, the first time the incumbent governor had lost in North Carolina since 1850, he claimed voter fraud, and proceeded to demand a recount.[4] He conceded when this failed, but proceeded to blame evil immigrants at the 2017 Republican convention.[5] He went from the somewhat popular mayor of Charlotte to a man unpopular enough to lose in a state Trump won in the same election.


After a few years on the Charlotte city council, he won the mayorship and proved very popular.[6] After seven consecutive terms in the position, he won the Republican nomination for governor in 2008, though his opponents painted him as a RINO.[7] Despite this, he narrowly lost the governorship to the Democrat.[8] Four years later, he won the position by the largest margin of any Republican since Reconstruction.[9] This was also the first time since then when the Republican Party controlled all three branches of government, meaning they could pretty much do whatever they wanted, in theory.