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I was until yesterday, an editor with Wikipedia with the same username there. I like Wikipedia very much, as it is the first publicly edited encyclopedia that is for general readers. I still like it very much.

My hierarchy of belief system begins with Unbiased/Impartial and Rational Truths. No nepotism, religion, bias, dogma, et al, on the matters based on Truth.

My experience with Wikipedia editors[edit]

However, until yesterday I didn't realise that Wikipedia was so hostile to Truth. Islam because of . Born in India, I grew up in an environment of "Welcoming All". I was born a Hindu by default, in an environment of rationality, and I didn't face any issues becoming an atheist / agnostic / sceptic. In fact, I have read our scriptures to find that our Upanishadas welcomed sceptics. So becoming an atheist was no big deal for me. My mother, aunts and grandmas worshipped various gods. We were told that they worshipped for us, for our welfare, peace and happiness. we were told that as they drew solace by such practices, they should be left alone to worship and meditate. We left them alone and never challenged them. They never challenged our value systems. This was unadulterated peaceful coexistence.

Temporary Subjugation of the Indian heartland by Islam[edit]

Of late, I have become interested in the Hostility and Bias in Islam because of Youtube and came to learn how our ancient history and rich past was trampled under the feets of Muslim invaders, who destroyed our own Library Of Alexandria, i.e., The Library of Nalanda. I came to learn that when Bakhtiyar Khilji had Nalanda lit up, the library would burn for three months.

Not only the Nalanda Library, the Muslims repeatedly made pyramids with chopped of heads of Hindus and Sikhs who resisted conversion. The Hindu widows would self-immolate to prevent themselves from ending up in Muslim Harems as concubines.

Yes, the Muslims won India. But they won because of the greatness of the Hindu Kings. Prithviraj Chauhan defeated Muslims and [Mohammad of Ghor] a number of times but let him live. But the last time Chauhan lost the Battle of Tarrain and His defeat at Tarain is seen as a landmark event in the Islamic conquest of Indian subcontinent.

Why of all Lands, subjugation of India?[edit]

The early experiments with democracy in India were forgotten because of the absence of foreign invasion. Because there was plenty, people didn't bother about kings or democracies, unlike Greece, Rome, and the (in)fertile crescent where there was a scarcity of natural resources, which led to stratified societies. No land in the world compares with India. Her rich biodiversity, highest mountains, tropical sunlight and regular monsoons gave her people everything they needed.

Coming back, the Muslims used the strategy of Divide and Rule and exploited India for three hundred years. However, their limit was to exploit us by transferring resources from Hindus to Muslims within the Indian subcontinent. They generally didn't take anything out of India except the fees they paid to the Arab Chaliphate.

Then, Just like the wild dogs and vultures that trail the lions, the British East India Company and later, the British Monarchs, utilised the temporary loss of our knowledge and rich heritage and trampled us for another two centuries, during which time India's GDP fell from accounting for the world's 25% GDP to a mere 0.2%. All the while, our resources were drained off to England and made her a world power.

Is Hinduism a religion, or a Way of Life?[edit]

The only difference between the Hindus and the Muslims and Christians duo is that while Hinduism is just a random mixture of all kinds of ways of life with a vast pantheon of Gods and welcoming all with open arms, the other two, Islam and Christianity are political ideologies. Which is why the two have an extremely jealous God, sharing the same God with Zionism. When is a God jealous? When Pandemic Want stratifies a society.

If there indeed is a religion that India practices, it is Eternism, a unified structure created by the Indo-Iranian people and the various fertility cults of the local inhabitants, including the forest people, of India.

India provided refuge to all who were persecuted in their own lands, from Jews, Persians and Muslims. Because there was everything in bountiful for peaceful co-existence. The Muslims and the Christians stabbed us while we trusted them. Like Muslims, the Christians destroyed all aborigines whose lands they occupied.

The War between Revivalists and Oppressors of India[edit]

But of late India has begun waking up and re-discovering her old history. This has been made possible by the work of Agnostics and Rationalists who couldn't adjust with the hostility and irrationality they saw within their religions. They have always been there, helping us from shadows. But with the terrific proliferation of Science and Technology and the philosophy behind them, we are coming back from the dead. Many share this platform with us, including Tarek Fatah, Mohamad Tawhidi, Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and so on. Our own Shashi Tharoor, even with his simplistic and perhaps erroneous narrative, and Rajiv Malhotra, a mildly dogmatic Hindu entrepreneur, has helped in rediscovering our rich past.

To bury our bitter past and pains with Muslims, our official school texts avoided mentioning the centuries of Muslim atrocities, or toning down Muslim atrocities when the Muslims repeatedly attacked India and plundered her wealth.

Overcoming Amnesia and Delusion, and Overpowering Islam[edit]

We have suffered a great deal because of our repeated forgiving the aggressive Muslims. We didn't know about their texts in details, the sourcebooks of violence and atrocities against non-Muslims.

But we don't want the west to suffer like us. They have no clue on how Muslims are slowly creeping in to their lands and gradually taking advantage of the benefits of secularism, rationalism, agnosticism and multiculturalism. But their motive is one and only one. To have an Islamic state with Shariat Law as the Guiding Principle.

The West Repeating our Very Mistakes[edit]

I had posted my article on Wikipedia with a complete quotations from the Kor'an. But I was attacked viciously in the sense that my posts were taken off almost immediately without any reason in one case. When I posted my defence, my post was immediately deleted. Therefore to me, the neutrality of Wikipedia has become questionable.

The editors told me that I have violated the policy of Wikipedia. I was told, "... Do not create pages that attack, threaten, or disparage their subject or any other entity ...".

To re-evaluate our Value System[edit]

To me Truth comes first before thinking of hurting others' sentiments. Especially when these very Others have ruined us over many generations — they could easily have come to India and stayed peacefully like the Persians, the Jews and many others — and are continually at war with the values of the west: secularism, rationalism, multiculturalism, equality in terms of opportunity, freedom to remain free, freedom of speech, and so on. These are our long lost Indian values. Christian churches and proselytisers, uprooted from the secular, rational and atheist Europe, have joined these forces, to break India apart into small states which could be looted at will without consequences for the sectarian and divisive forces. And we are to sit mum and maintain neutrality!

Another reason might be that Wikipedia receives donations, and may be the major donors force Wikipedia to remain neutral to the Islamic past and even hostile present. But I can't watch the things I love in this world, including rationality, non-alignment, detachment, freedom and agnosticism, to vanish before my very eyes.