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The world over, Muslims are involved in Suicide Bombings, Violences Against Women and against people of other religions in the name of Islam. However, the world remains confused and divided on how to tackle these issues involving Muslims. Even the relevant pages in Wikipedia, such as Violence in the Quran and Islam and Violence contain nothing about the origin, or the extent, of violence in Islam. It can't be straightaway inferred, for example, from these two articles, or any other article on Islam in Wikipedia, that Violence in Islam is simply because of the sanction of Violence in the Quran and then also in the other two books, such as Shariat and Hadith.

It appears that the above two articles have been written with a covert view of at least keeping the Muslims appeased, or worse, written by Muslims themselves in disguise (which is easy in Wikipedia) to bypass in-depth probing by non-muslims investigative intelligence agencies. The hidden agenda of Muslims is to keep non-muslims deluded and away from the nefarious intents of the Muslim brethren until the Muslim world has Nuclear weapons in their hands. That Pak has sufficient nuclear arsenal to use against the non-muslims could be a hogwash.

While the Christian and the Jewish world have become detached from violence sanctioning scriptures, if any, non-muslims aren't in positions to understand that agnosticism isn't possible while being a practising Muslim. Atheists are confirmed non-believers who are to be killed.

The aforesaid and other wikipedia articles on Islam and Quran only presents a so-called superficial opinion on the subject matter on how to approach the interpretations of the mentioned violent verses mentioned therein, and the uneasy matter has been tactfully glossed over and non-muslims, safely distanced.

In this article, the exact violent verses, that is, ayaats, have been pinpointed.

The reason for this confusion is Europe's detachment from orthodox Christianity and the proliferation of the Agnostic/Atheist Tribes in the developed countries, wherein ordinary people don't have a clue on the violent past in the early days of Christianity, or even as far as the present times. Engrossed in trying to find oneself a meaningful place within the infinitely complex cog, the society, individuals live in closeted/boxed realities, only aware of some of the most immediate and influential surroundings, while trying to attribute a coherent meaning to the world that they find lying before them: bringing and holding disparate matters from within, processing them in relationship to one another and finding a common relationship among them.

Since birth, individuals in relationship to their fellow social beings, individually construct a notion about their personal realities and their social influences. These units, comprising of closely knit individuals according to educational, emotional, financial, et al, interdependences, work with their contiguous units and try to create a harmonious symbiosis among themselves. Many such contiguous units form close cultural units and in turn try to find balance and ultimately symbiosis with other such contiguous units.

The loosely hierarchical interdependent relationships may not exist as smooth units, but may as well be units continually trying to come to terms with their rough edges, both within and collectively. However, irrespective of the many spheres of influences and various social scaffolds, individuals born to this world with the basic limbic-mammalian hardware construct their own realities, which may or may not be conducive to others' such realities.

Organic Evolution: from self-replicating molecular machinery to Unicellular to Holobionts and beyond[edit]

At this juncture it is important to study the course of Organic Evolution. Organic evolution begins from lifeless automatons such as various macromolecular units in a soup, gradually developing molecular replicating machinery as the viruses, in the borderline between living and non-living. Like in Miller–Urey and other similar experiments inspired by Miller and Urey, that is, basic compounds giving way to simple organic molecules over a period of a number of days.

It may have so happened that in Earth life was brought from life-building machinery from other extra-terrestrial origins riding on meteorites, but the basic foundation for life is the availability of the right conditions and the necessary molecules to begin building of biological machinery suitable for life.

Invariably, provided the conducive environment remains available, life generally progresses from unicellular to multicellular to complex lifeforms and up to holobionts. From another perspective, intelligence and intelligent lifeforms progresses from single neurons to more and more complex neural networks, arriving up to human level intelligence and beyond.

The possibility of a life beyond the levels of a single human being in isolation is evidently the civilisational system that we have had for more than the last two millennia. And it shall definitely progress further beyond. There is no theoretical limits to making two or more minds progressing in tandem and cooperation with each other, forming a Superorganism/Collective consciousness. The advanced countries already possess a rudimentary level of this Hive Mind, if the specific signals, such as complex inter-dependability, mutual trust, complementarity, et al, are looked at.

The ongoing and gradually geometrically accelerating progress appears autocatalytic, wherein complex machineries produce ever more complex machinery. Intelligent Artificial Neural Networks are almost ready to hit consumer markets in various consumer electronic goods, such as Smartphones, Tablets, Personal Computers, Information Networks, et al. The tools are already available in diverse research areas across the board and are providing benefits to humanity, directly in advanced countries, and indirectly in the progressive economies.

Leisure and Specialisation[edit]

In order for the above evolutionary game to be played out, a society has to have a very stable economic surplus for long stretches of periods, the more the merrier. Every social structure in isolation evolves from a group of closely knit individuals to villages to larger units, culminating in cities and eventually civilisation. The foundations of civilisations are positive group dynamics and economic surplus. The underlying foundations for ensuring economic surplus are predictable and stable climate, a relatively mild environment at a stretch for physical labour and sufficient water in its liquid form. Availability of water and milder weather ensure availability of a diverse flora and fauna. An enormous biodiversity helps mankind progress to subsequent stages of evolution, from nomadic tribes to pastoral peoples to villages to city states to civilisations.

Evolution of the core basis for a Civilisation: from Religion to Philosophy to Science[edit]

It does not necessarily mean that a civilisation once formed shall remain static after a period of development and maturity. As the western civilisation shows, civilisations may continue to progress and attain newer heights[1], a work in perpetual progress. But the core necessity for a continually advancing civilisation remains the same: surplus, mild weather, leisure, equity and complementarity. An advanced civilisation has to gradually wean itself off the parasitic and exploitative systems existing within, like slavery, class, caste, oppression, extortion and taxation[2][3]. Irrational taxation, that is, a system that is built to extract progressively more, by the collective powerful, from the docile and powerless, without any/extensive welfare schemes is bound to implode upon itself.

Cyclical and innumerable collapses, both natural[4][5]and artificial[6][7], have helped evolve the current welfare states in the advanced countries, wherein no one is left behind. It is not that the work is complete and that the welfare state stands as an ideal one. It is continually a work in progress and shall reach newer levels of equity and equitability; as the human minds, living in peace, leisure, tranquillity and contemplation, continue to work for uplifting the lesser fortunate ones.

From another perspective, a civilisation in peace progresses naturally from a state where people worship a set of gods and goddesses, to a complex pantheon of gods, to a single God overseeing the pantheon of gods. From this preliminary stage, it evolves to a stage where philosophy occupies the dominant social discourses. Then eventually, the society begins to question deeper, find hidden connections, carry on building tools and devices to exploit the hidden connections and eventually arrive at controlled experiments and science.

This is a scaffold that is generally true, not only for civilisations, but also for individuals. Like the parent society encompassing various individuals evolving slowly over many generations, a group of individuals progresses in relation to its parent society and also from within, in their own lifetimes. From a stage where gods and goddesses occupy the mental horizon to a stage where quality of life and its relationship to the greater world, to finally a stage where different experiments are designed to make work efficient. Tools giving rise to more complex tools. Complex tools giving rise to more complex tools. A form of autocatalysis.

At this state of collective autocatalysis, individuals work automatically as cogs of the larger System, trying to increase the efficiency of the System as a whole by augmenting the parts. It is not that the existing religious beliefs have vanished from the system altogether at this stage. But individuals upon whom religion could have a grasp are gradually made unavailable by educating them more and more efficiently and building a social system that discourages parasitism actively, so that human minds could quickly set themselves off to the stage of individual autocatalysis by optimal education. The most advanced countries of the west have been very successful in this regard.

As a result the elite cognitive elites, that is, those individuals within the range of highest g factor percentile are mostly areligious, may believe in a general Higher Power showing the signs of Superintelligence, or may actually be aware that it is they who are creating this apparent superintelligent Superorganism. Most of the time, they allow people to follow religions, have a god and derive peace out of this activity. It may be the attribute of a deeper understanding of their mere happy accidents of birth and an appreciation that others might not have been so well placed. They may acknowledge that natural phenomena are generally random, so may satisfy a Bell Curve.

Islam as a Political Ideology[edit]

The tragic history of Islam[8] condemns it to its appropriation by Arabs, who were generally oppressive, aggressive and hostile to even themselves by nature, and divided into small clans always in violent competition with each other, because of the harsh conditions that they were born and raised in. Mohammad Tawhidi adds to this narrative in his book, The Tragedy of Islam: Admissions of a Muslim Imam[9].

In addition to these two books, there is a book, In the Shadow of the Sword, by Tom Holland[10], which is an in-depth exploration of the content of the BBC commissioned documentary, Islam: An Untold Story[11]. In the documentary, Islam: An Untold Story, author, presenter and narrator, Tom Holland, describes that Arabs had then been working as paid mercenaries for the Christian Empire. It appears that the economics of demand and supply satisfied the continued survival of both the demand-raisers, the Christendom, and the suppliers, the Arab mercenaries. He further reveals insights that Islam was born not in the deserts of Arabia, but elsewhere.

The story unfolds thus:

The tribal communities in the west had become organised by the Roman empire.

In the east, after the black death, plague, the Arab mercenaries are subcontracted to provide the Roman and the Persian empires their defences.

Roman and Persian empires are the enemies.

In the Persian war with Roman empire, the Persians steals the true cross of Jesus and brings to Persia. The Romans led by Heracleus take back the cross and reinstall it in Jerusalem.

Is Quran and Mohammed completely true as historical evidence? The story of Heracleus taking back the cross Inspires Mohammed to put the story there.

But No. There is a problem. Mention of Alexander but no mention of Jesus and Rome! For Quran, empires are just like desert sands washed by time.

The problem with Quran is this:

If Mecca was a pagan city, devoid of Jewish and Christian peasants, situated in the midst of a vast desert, then how abrupt manifestation of monotheism with mention of Moses, Abraham and so on.

Historians thought Mecca was somehow along the spice trade route. Mohammed learnt the stories from the merchants. But the relationship of Mohammed, Quran with Jews and Christians are far more complicated.

Just from Quran, the others are not pagans, though the Quran says they are. These people are arguing with the Prophet. They, called Mushrakuns, too know who are Abraham and Jesus. Thus monotheistic, and not pagans.

So Mohammed is emerging from a culture that is biblically monotheistic. There are even echos of the dead sea scrolls in Quran. Quran is a wall of sediments in which fossils are embedded.

The Quran far from originating in a desert, is in a lake where all kinds of flows are mixing. Constituent elements clearly come from ancient near east.

The Quran did not originate from Mecca, where people go for pilgrimage.

The origin of Quran is the desert frontier of Roman palestine. Romans fighting in a nearby land. If there is one place where both Christian and Jewish traditions existed, that had to be the desert frontiers of the Holy land. Where Jewish and Christian texts survived were in Palestine.

One mention of mecca in Quran. No details. Other ancient texts where there is mention, the earliest chronological reference 741AD. In the deserts of Iraq. Mushrukun, described as farmers, carrying agriculture, tending cattles, growing olives, vines. There are no such things in Mecca as it is desert.

The evidence of people opposing Mohammed are people living in the Mediterranean region. One final clinching clue: No recognisable geographical location.

It derives from the story of Lot, nephew of Abraham. Lives in Sodom. Lot escapes. His wife looks back and becomes pillar of salt. This appears in Quran:

God speaking: Remember how we delivered Lot and all his household except the old woman. You passed by them, the morning and night, these Sodomites, but not recognise them?

Where is the Sodomites seen?

In the early 7th century there was a chappel built for Lot on the site on the southernmost tip of the Dead Sea, the border between Jordan and Israel.

If the Mushrikun are passing this land every day and night, then that is where Mohammed is having his argument with them. Later recorded in Quran.

So Where is the Origin of Islam?

It is in outskirts of Israel. That is, Palestine and the desert that lay beyond them. He operated in the land beyond the Palestine. So the Quran is not describing any fantastic place, but Palestine[12][13].

The Actual Place where the Quran was born[edit]

With a thorough reading of the above three books and the BBC-commissioned video, one could arrive at conclusions that are neither favourable for nor palatable to the Arabs. Presently, Arabs are the ones who propagate a violent Wahhabi version of Islam. After the death of Mohammed, the only prophet of Islam, his most politically resourceful wife, Aisha, and the first Khaliphs most probably manipulated Quran to suit their personal aspirations and used the book as a political ideology.

An experimentation with political ideology was already in existence, the idea of Jesus Mary Joseph of Nazareth, and thus remained only to be replicated. The internet is full of books on The Jesus Myth. So the Arabs were not the original innovators of the great idea: a Political Ideology based on a Monotheistic religion, but simply replicated the existing one, Emperor Constantine's invention of Jesus, combining multiple folk lores of the time, to legitimise taxing of the masses in the name of religion. From the viewpoint of the peasants and farmers,

If Jesus, even as the only Son of God, remained so powerless to resist torture and die on the crucifix, where did the poor peasants stand?!

That the Arabs were in contact with the Christendom as mercenaries for a considerable period of time ensured that they knew the real story behind Jesus the Christ. It allured them to the notion of organised plunder of the travellers through the desert. It is a historical fact that Indian merchants have been travelling through the desert with their goods for a long time, even way before Christ. Which is the reason why bands of travellers from the Middle East/Fertile Crescent, even before the Aryans, have kept migrating to India.

In comparison to India, with its subcontinental weather, tropical sunshine, highest and active mountain ranges and assured monsoons for at least a million years, ensured the best, the richest and the most fertile land and an enormous biodiversity, the Fertile Crescent is almost infertile, drained as it is by only three rivers, the Tigris, the Euphrates and the Karun, flowing from the valleys and gorges of eastern Anatolia, of the Armenian Mountain Range, through which the rivers descend from their sources, lying 6,000 to 10,000 feet (1,800 to 3,000 metres) above sea level. They are apparently minnows in comparison to the river systems of the Indian subcontinent. The Area of the Armenian highland is 400,000 sq km (150,000 sq miles), while the Area of the Himalayas is roughly 600,000 sq km (265,486 sq miles)(i.e., area of a trapizoid, 1/2×[(350km at the widest + 150km at the narrowest)]×2400km).

While the Armenian Highlands have a relatively smaller exposed face, a surface area of 100 km by 3-4 km, to the incoming moisture laden winds because of its concave shape, the Himalayas lie on the northern region of the Indian subcontinent as an undivided border wall of 2400 km in length, up to 8 km high.

The river systems of India far exceeds that of the Fertile Crescent. In addition to Himalayas, India also has Aravalli Range, Western Ghats, and the Vindhya and Satpura Ranges and their accompanying river systems.

Thus the Arabs, with their tragic background and hostile weather, apparently just had to patiently wait for a prophet to emerge in order for them to utilise the services of a prophet. Mohammed's first wife, Khadija, ensured that he had the leisure and possibly microseizures/schizophrenia to hear voice/voices in his head. The Arabs in contact whetted his aspirations, hallucinations and initial revelations. It is said that chronologically, the first surahs of Quran were simpler, they gathered complexity in erudition as the time passed by.


Without controlled experimentation, mathematics could easily develop fields like Astrology and Pythagorean Cult of Numerology. It is the exact sciences that keeps mathematics in tight leash. Controlled experimentation is the bedrock wherein all philosophical moorings, hypotheses and statements are tested, and then accepted or rejected.

However, religious books don't require extensive controlled tests. A little test is enough to expose the inherent irrationality of religions, godmen and other occult practitioners. Evidently, for all other religious books, the older a religion is or, the more ignorant the prophets are, the more irrational are their explanation of the natural phenomena.

In the present article, the endeavour shall be to present the collated dangerous verses of the Quran and expose them to the general public, along with complete references with respect to the English translation of the standardised Quran. Quran needs to be dissected and exposed more than any other religion because of its keeping its followers mentally enslaved to its antagonistic political ideology to other religions or political systems. Fortunately, owing to the resourcefulness of the Indian subcontinent, Indian religions are never as hostile as the religions of poverty and want. In fact, they are outlandishly simplistic: a set of fertility cults before the Indo-Iranian people arrived in waves of small bands over a long period of time and conglomerated the multitude of indigenous cults into a liberal religion, the multitude of cults co-existing more or less peacefully with each other. The credit goes to the tropical climate and the rich biodiversity of the Indian subcontinent.

The Muslims as outsiders standardised the Hindic languages and developed Urdu using the Persian-Arabic script for an ease of communication with the Arabs, their source fountain of culture, and sought to take back the plundered wealth back to Arabia in the form of Jizya.

However, in a role-reversal, the incoming Indo-Iranian migrants standardised the Indic languages, especially Sanskrit, with the Devanagari script, the said script having been developed from the Abugida Brahmi script for a similar ease of communication among the Indo-Iranians, seeking to integrate with the indigenous inhabitants of the Indian subcontinent, and not planning to take the plundered wealth out of the subcontinent and into Arabia.

Fortunately, the cognitive elites of the Zionist and the Christian religious groups have gotten over the questionable strains of their respective religious books, thanks to the Renaissance, the ages of Reason and Enlightenment, and the proliferation of Science and Technology education among its lay masses.

However, much is to be achieved on the religious front of the Indian subcontinent. Although Islam has evolved into a non-violent Sufi Strain within the Indian Subcontinent, the source book Quran needs to be annulled and a rational book on collective amity and spiritualism needs to be brought in its place for people not having the cognitive virtues, including abstract symbolism required to embark upon an explorative education of the exact sciences and technology.

The Hostile Verses of Quran, a dangerous and violent book[14][edit]

The following are the most violent / hostile verses of the Quran. Readers may verify these verses with the standardised Quran available online.

“Move not your tongue concerning the Quran to make haste therewith.” (75:16) Severe punishments have been prescribed for the ones disputing, distorting or defaming Quran (25:32-34, 42:35). So, one should dicuss Quran under the light that one is warned.

Quran says that it is the guidance sure of all Muslims (2:2).

It is an inspired message (6:19) that can be produced only by the divine agency of Allah and leaves no doubt whatsoever (10:37-38).

It is Allah’s revelation in Allah’s superior words (27:6, 45:2 and so on… more than a hundred citations!). The Muslim is supposed to follow it with due respect (6:155, 7:204-206).

It is the ultimate book of wisdom (10:1, 31:2, 36:2) that is the exposition of everything (12:111, 16:89). One should not be selective and make shreds of it but assimilate it as a whole (15:91, 11:13-17).

Quran can give tranquillity to the man reciting it (13:28) and it is a Muslim’s duty to promulgate it.

Quran is so potent that it is a healing (17:82).

It is so powerful that it can shatter mountains (59:21).

Quran says that it is glorious (85:21). It says that it is impossible for mankind to produce anything like it (17:88).

A Muslim is one who believes in Muhammad as the prophet who brought Allah’s words to man. The moment he repudiates even a single word of Quran, he ceases to be a Muslim because every word of Quran is Allah’s command1. He fears Allah (3:102) and nothing else (10:62). Some other qualitative descriptions of Muslim-folk are solidarity (3:103, 8:72, 9:71), honesty, obedience, strength and steadfastness (3:104, -110, 8:46). For being a Quran abiding Muslim, he is promised that his life is sacred (4:92) and is protected from harm (3:111, 5:105, 41:30). It is clearly stated that Islam is not for amusement but is a very serious purpose (6:70).

Muslims are the true heir to heavenly paradise (23:10-11). Allah promises that the garden of eternity will see the believers in garments of silk, wearing bracelets of gold and pearls (35:33). There they shall sit on thrones with cushions and carpets, pass cups of drinks, which won’t have intoxication or hangovers. They shall have the company of chaste women with beautiful, big and lustrous eyes (44:54, 52:20, 56:22, 88:13-16)2. They shall eat from plates made of gold and savor all fruits (43:71, 44:55). There shall be rivers of milk, water, wine and honey and flesh of any fowl of desire (47:15, 56:21).3 76:11-22 gives a graphic detail of the pleasures.

It is said that the Unbelievers hate truth (43:78) and are arrogant (19:73-82, 35:43).

Also, they are promised that their prayers are empty and their efforts wasted (8:35, 24:39, 18:102-106). ---They will bear more burdens (16:25) and will be covered with shame (16:27).

The men who reject Allah are blind, deaf and dumb (6:39, 2:171, 2:18).

Those who do not want to believe in Islam, and seek greater reasons and proof for believing it (like revelations similar to the ones received by the messengers), are wicked. Allah has a severe punishment in store for them (6:124).

Unbelievers are deceitful and their ways are outdated (6:113, 5:104).

Unbelievers (especially Pagans) don’t wish good for the believers (2:105).

In the afterlife, yokes are put on the necks of Unbelievers as a punishment (34:33, 36:8).

Unbelievers are also described as those men with “disease in the heart”, “scum”, “evil ones”, “wicked”, “transgressors”, “flagrant”, “sinful”, “aggressors”, “trespassers” and “despicable hypocrites”. Quran urges the believer to strive against such people. There are many more warnings and threats against Unbelievers, a few of which are cited. (2:10, 3:118-120, -196, 5:52, 8:49, 13:17, 22:53, 24:50, 33:12, -32, -60, 47:29, 74:31 and so on….)

More, a Kafir (Unbeliever) is so not because of his evil thoughts or actions but because of the will of Allah (6:35-6, 10:99, 16:38-39)! Allah has made the Unbelievers so as to punish them (2:6-20).1 An Unbeliever shall remain an Unbeliever regardless of time (36:6-9) and fire shall be his abode with no one to help (5:72). Allah will not forgive Unbelievers even if the believer prays seventy times for them (9:80). Those who have been blind in this life shall be blind in the life to come (17:72). This means that there is no salvage if you are not a Muslim. Other similar descriptions are seen in many verses too numerous to cite (9:73-78, 14:3, 51:60).

Surah 14 Ibrahim, verse 15-17, an Unbeliever’s death is described as the horror of being in eternal fire without death, being given boiling fetid water to drink which he can neither gulp down nor spit. A graphic description of the sordid ordeal in store for the Unbeliever is provided.

40:70-75 says that the ones who reject the Book will be dragged with yokes around their necks in boiling fetid liquid.1

Surah 98 Al Bayyinah :6 says, “The Unbelievers are the worst creatures and shall forever dwell in hell-fire”.

Surah 8 Al Anfal :22 says “For the worst of beasts in the sight of Allah are those who reject him.”

The Unbeliever shall be made to drink boiling water so that it cuts up his bowels to pieces. (47:15)

In an utterly ruthless tone, it is decreed that burning in fire and drinking boiling water will be the entertainment of the Unbeliever (18:102, 56:93)!

Al-Nisaa 4:56 says that the Unbelievers shall be cast into fire and as soon as their skins are roasted, Allah will replace it with a fresh skin so that the level of sensitivity of their suffering is not lowered.

And it seeks the Muslims to proclaim, “To the hypocrites (Unbelievers), give glad tidings that there is for them a grievous penalty.” (4:138)

“Do they seek religion other than that of Allah? All creatures, whether willing or unwilling have bowed to the will of Allah. If anyone desires a religion other than Islam, never will it be accepted and in the hereafter, he will be with the people who lost and will be punished (3:83-88)

“We have rejected you and there has arisen enmity and hatred forever between us, unless you start believing in Allah.” (60:4)

Allah says that the Unbelievers hate Muslims (3:118, 5:2,-8,). Then, Quran also says that they hate Allah and the truth of Quran (23:70, 47:9, 40:10). The Unbelievers are the cause of mischief on earth but they don’t know it (2:12). Quran doesn’t waste much time or words and openly arrives at the decree that Unbelievers are open enemies to Muslims (2:98, 4:101, 18:50). Similar ideas of enmity against the Unbeliever are voiced many times in Quran (2:208, 60:2). Unbelievers are defined as Muslim’s enemies tens of times!

It is decreed not once, but tens of times, that Muslims are forbidden from making non-Muslim friends and should always be suspicious of them (3:28, 4:89 (twice!), -139, -144, 5:55-57, -80, -81, 9:16, 22:4, 25:28, 58:14-19, 60:1-9, -13).

Alarming declaration like the one seen in Al Imran (3:118-120 which addresses the believers) is only too common in Quran. It says- “Don’t reach out for intimacy outside your ranks. They (Unbelievers) will not fail to corrupt you. They only desire your ruin. Words of hatred have appeared from their mouths. What their hearts conceal is far worse. We have made these things evident to you and if you have wisdom, adhere to it.” -Unbelievers plotted to slay believers (8:30). -Unbelievers want to slay believing men and snatch their women (40:25). -Allah also speaks about a probable terror that could have been in Muslim’s heart for the Unbelievers (18:18). An utterly heartless Quran asks the Muslims to hasten the chastisement that Allah has decreed, if the Unbelievers persist in their disbelief (22:45-47). Surah 2 Al Baqarah :217 says, “They prevent the access to the path of Allah. This permits the believer to fight them even in the holy month because oppression is worse than slaughter. The Unbeliever will not stop fighting until they turn the believer back from his faith.”

8:15-17 that says, “O Believers, when you confront the Unbelievers, never turn your backs to them. If anyone does turn back (unless it is in a strategy), he draws upon himself the wrath of Allah and is destined for refuge in hell.”

“Fight them and let them find a harshness in you” (9:123).

8:12-13, which is reproduced-

“Remember your Lord inspired the angels with the message: “I am with you: give firmness to the believers: I will instil terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers: You smite above their necks and smite all their finger tips off them. This because they contended against Allah and his messenger: If any contend against Allah and his messenger, Allah is strict in punishment.”

“And slay them wherever you catch them.” (2:191)

“Slay them if they oppose faith!” (2:191)

“Allah permits the Muslims to annihilate their enemies1.” (3:152)

“Seize them and slay them wherever you find them!” (4:89)

“Seize them and slay them wherever you get them!” (4:91)

“They shall be cursed, seized and slain without mercy.” (33:61)

“When you encounter Unbelievers, strike off their heads at lengths.” (47:4)

“Allah will punish the Unbeliever through the believer’s hands, help them to victory over the unbeliever and cover them with shame.” (9:14, -52)

Quran quotes Moses who urged the believers to slay the wrong-doers (2:54)

“Allah does accept the sacrifice of righteous men slaying people.” (5:27).

Allah okays the slaying of even the mischievous! (5:32) Thus, a Muslim’s slaying an unbeliever is accepted by Allah as a sacrifice!

Muslims should not run away from slaughter because they have no choice (33:16,-154).

Also, they have rewards waiting for them if they slay others (booty) or if they are slain themselves (garden of pleasures in the hereafter) (3:169-170). Allah has also helped the Muslim to slay some and imprison others (33:26).

Allah chides the Muslim for lamenting on small casualties inflicted upon him in his fights against Unbelievers. He asks the Muslim to look around and see that he has afflicted double casualty on the enemy (3:165)!

Wrong-doers are Unbelievers and Unbelievers are wrong-doers, as per Quran (5:45, -72, 6:21, 7:165).

“Have you not turned your vision to those who were given a portion of the Book? They traffic in error and wish that you lose the right path.” (4:44).

The Book of Moses and Gospel of Jesus are just a portion of the Book of God and only Quran is the “par excellence” wholesome (3:119, 10:37)! 2:111 goes- And they say, “None shall enter paradise unless he be a Jew or a Christian.” Those are their vain desires. Say: “Produce your proof if you are truthful.”

When Jews or Christians say that they are Allah’s beloved children, they are wrong. Why? Quran says if that were to be true, Allah wouldn’t have punished them!1 (5:18)

Jews do wrong to themselves! (16:118)

Rabbis are called evil doers in Quran (5:63).

Their claim that only their descendents are heirs to paradise is just an expression of their vain desire (2:111).

Jews are the listeners of falsehood and they voluntarily distort facts and misplace words (4:46).

Jews are the cause for disgrace in this world. They listen to all lies (5:41-42).

Allah’s curse is on Jews because they are deluded from truth (9:30).

Jews are the blashphemous (5:64) and are hence, sworn enemies to Islam (5:82).

The Jew is clearly warned by Allah in 62:6-8 by Allah who asks the Muslims to proclaim to the Jews- “Say: O you that stand on Judaism! If you think you are friends to Allah, ….. then express your desire for death!….. The death from which you flee will truly overtake you: then will you be sent back to the Knower of things secret and open……”

In due turn, Allah also warns the Muslim from joining Jews or Christians (2:135).1 It clearly says that if a Muslim differs with them, it is because of Christian or Jew’s fault (2:137). Quran addresses the Jews at least 20 times, most of them with a negative intent! These are besides the forty or so citations that address the Children of Israel (most of which are again, with a negative shade).

As if a solace to Christians, is Surah Al Maidah 5:82 which says,

“Strongest among the enemies to Muslims are the Jews and Pagans, and the closest among them are Christians”.

But in the same Surah, a few verses earlier (5:51) is something that goes like-

“O Believer! Take not the Christians and Jews for protectors. If you do, you are an Unbeliever and a terrible destiny awaits you.”

Even seeking help from a Christian is considered evil in Quran! Another example is 2:120-

“Never will the Jews or Christians be satisfied unless you follow their religion. And if you do so, you cannot find any protector for yourself from the wrath of Allah.”

Again, it says that the Christians have perverted the message that Allah sent them through Christ and are bent on deceit (5:13-14) to lead the believers astray (3:69). 5:14 is reproduced-

“From those, too, who call themselves Christians, we did take a covenant. But they forgot a good part of the message that was sent to them. So we estranged them with enmity and hatred between the one and the other to the day of the judgement. And soon will Allah show them what they have done.”

Baptization is deemed trivial (2:138) in Quran. It openly asks the people of the book, “Why do you clothe truth with falsehood?” (3:66-71) Quran claims that people of the book commit blasphemy when they say Jesus Christ is God or son of God (5:17, -72, 9:30-32, 5:75, 19:36)2. Allah’s curse is upon them for saying so and for saying that God is a Trinity (5:73, 4:171). It also says that Christ was not crucified (4:157). Well, doesn’t that make all Christians wearing the cross look simply stupid?

“A declaration of immunity from Allah and his messenger, to those of the Pagans with whom you have contracted mutual alliances-” (9:1)

“Go then for four months….But know that you cannot frustrate Allah by your falsehood but that Allah will cover with shame those who reject him.” (9:2)

“And an announcement from Allah and his messenger to the people….- That Allah and his messenger dissolve treaty obligations with Pagans. If then, you repent, it were the best for you. But if you turn away, know that you cannot frustrate Allah. And proclaim a grievous penalty to those who reject faith. “ (9:3)

“But the treaties are not dissolved with those Pagans…… who haven’t failed you in anything nor aided anyone against you…” (9:4)

“But when the forbidden months are past, then fight and slay the Pagans wherever you find them, seize them, beleaguer them in every strategem of war. But if they repent…. open the way for them… For, Allah is the most merciful.” (9:5)

“If anyone amongst the Pagans ask you for asylum, grant it to him so that he may hear the word of Allah. And then escort him to where he can be secure. This is because they are men without knowledge.” (9:6)

“How can there be a league before Allah and his messenger with the Pagans, except those with whom you made a treaty near the Sacred mosque? As long as they stand true to you, stand true to them…..” (9:7)

“How can there be such a league seeing that if they get an advantage over you, they do not respect any ties or covenants? With fair words from their mouths, they entice you, but their hearts are averse from you and most of them are rebellious and wicked.” (9:8)

“The signs of Allah have they sold for a miserable price, and many have hindered from his way. Evil indeed are the deeds they have done.” (9:9)

“In a Believer they respect not the ties either of kinship or of covenant. It is they who have transgressed all bounds.” (9:10)

“But ….. if they repent, (and take up Islamic ways)…..they are your brethren in faith…….” (9:11)

“”But if they violate their oaths…. and taunt you for your faith, you must fight the chiefs of unfaith: For their oaths are nothing to them. And thus they may be restrained. (9:12)

“Will you not fight people who violated their oaths and plotted to expel the messenger and took the aggressive by being the first to assault you? Do you fear them? No, it is Allah who you should justly fear, if you believe!” (9:13)

“Fight them, and Allah will punish them by your hands, cover them with shame, help you to victory over them. Heal the breast of Believers!” (9:14)

“And still the indignation of their hearts. For Allah will turn in mercy to whom he will….” (9:15)

“Or do you think you shall be abandoned? As though Allah didn’t know those among you who strive with might and main, and take none for friends and protectors except Allah, his messenger and the community of Believers?… (9:16)

“It is not for such as to join gods with Allah, to visit or maintain the mosques of Allah while they vitness against their own souls to infidelity. The works of such bear no fruit: in fire shall they dwell.” (9:17)

And unbelievably1, it goes on and on……. Here is a verse that sends the message of an apparently moderate Quran very clear (from the same Surah), 9:29-“Fight those who believe not in Allah or the last day, until they are completely subdued and pay the Jizya (religion tolerance tax) with submission”.

Quran commonly attributes the quality of “ignorant” and “arrogant” to a Pagan. (3:75, 7:75) and decrees thaty they are unclean (9:28).

A Pagan’s work bears no fruit (9:69).

The believers are urged not to weep over those rebellious and blasphemous Pagans (9:84).

The Muslim should not pray for the Pagans, even if they are related because it is for sure that they are companions of fire (9:113).

Polytheists are the worst creatures who are destined hellfire (98:6).

Muslims should shun the company of polytheists (6:14, 6:106) and are commanded to turn away from those who join false Gods with Allah (15:94). Pagans sacrificed and slaughtered their own children in their confused religion (6:137)1.

The believer should say to the Pagans, “Enjoy your brief power but you are leading yourself straight to hell by equating idols to Gods.” (14:30)

The idol and their worshippers are both fuels for hell (21:98). Idol worship is worshipping Satan (19:42-45, 26:69-82) and to convince this, Abraham breaks idols and asks his father if those idols could save themselves, lest the worshipper (21:52-67, 37:83-98).2 Idolatry is an abomination and falsehood (22:30, 29:17).

Idolators are greedy (2:96). Quran proclaims that fire awaits the idol worshippers on the day of judgement (29:24-25).

Muslims should dissociate from the fact that their ancestors were polytheists (7:173)3.

No contribution from the Pagan will be accepted because they reject Islam, and that is an unpardonable sin (9:52-54).

Invent no similitude for Allah! Praying to men as intercessors or idols as symbols for God is forbidden (16:74).

Pagans are even blamed for shortage of rain in a place like Arabia! (72:16)4

“If any of them should say, ‘I am a god besides Him’, such a one we should reward with hell. Thus do we reward those who do wrong.” (21:29)

There are no other Gods except the one and only Allah (29:91-92) and joining such Gods (of the Pagans) with him is an unpardonable offence.

Anyone who rejects faith after accepting it shall be subjected to grievous penalties in the hereafter (2:217).

“Those who believed and then rejected faith, they are as worthless as hollow pieces of timber propped up. They are the enemies, so beware of them.” (63:3-4)

Those who reject faith after accepting it will not be accepted and shall be punished (3:90-91).

“Anyone who, after accepting faith in Allah, utters unbelief…. On them is wrath from Allah and theirs will be a dreadful penaly.” (16:106)

Quran clearly warns the believer against Muslims who exhibit any kind of unbelief (3:86, 5:12, 5:54, 47:25, 47:32-33).

If a believer finds inside deserters, he is urged to seize them and slay them (4:91) because Quran has clearly provided evidence against the unbelievers and those that side with them

“……And those who take a course midway- they are in truth equally Unbelievers. And we have prepared for Unbelievers a humiliating punishment.” (4:150-151)

“The Muslim is persecuted, but regardless of that, he will reach salvation.” (85:6-11).

2:239 that says, “If you fear enemy, pray on foot or riding.”

“The Unbelievers plot against the believer to keep the believer suppressed, slay the believer or drive him out of his house.” (8:30)

“Believe no one unless he follows your religion, the guidance of Allah (Quran)” (3:73)

“The Unbelievers wish that you were negligent in your arms and baggage so that they could assault you in a rush.” (4:102)

“You are the best of people, evolved for mankind, enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong.” (3:110)

“To you we have granted the fount of abundance. Therefore, turn to your Lord for prayer and sacrifice. For he who hates you will be cut off from future hope.” (108:1-2)

Then, there are certain messages like (4:144 to146)-

“O You who believe (Muslims)! Take not for friends Unbelievers rather than Believers: do you wish to offer Allah an open proof against yourselves?”

“The hypocrites will be in the lowest depths of the fire: no helper will you find for them.”

“Except for those who repent, mend their life, hold fast to Allah, and purify their religion in Allah’s sight. If so, they will be numbered with the Believers. And soon will Allah grant to the Believers a reward of immense value.”

“Never in anywise be of the Unbelievers.” (10:105)

More than luring the believers to unite amongst themselves, it urges them to fight people from other faiths. How can a Muslim ever think of respecting other religions when these things are written in Quran?

If Muslims join Gods with Allah, all their efforts are in waste (6:88).

Allah can forgive all sins of the believers (39:53) but not the sin of joining other Gods with him (4:116).

It says of the Unbelievers, “If you mention the name of Allah, their hearts are filled with disgust. But if you mention the names of other Gods, they are filled with joy!” (39:45)

A Muslim must take the oath that he shall never join Gods with Allah (12:108).

Quran distinguishes very clearly the thoughts and responsibilities of the believer to be distinct from the Kafir (10:41, -104). Thus, it generates two classes of humans. It speaks to the Muslim-

“The Unbeliever will swear to you so that you may be pleased with them. But don’t believe them. If you do, Allah is not pleased with you.” (9:94-96)

“Can you make the deaf hear, even though they can’t? Can you guide those blind, even though they will not see?” (10:43).

It is inconsequential that a non-Muslim acknowledges the Islamic faith, in sincerity or with a view to win him over. The Muslim is warned clearly in Quran (2:14, 2:75-76) that even if the non-believers say to the Muslims that they believe in Allah, they return to their true colors (and jest about Quran and Islam) when they are with their own kind. Besides, Allah’s wrath is on those Muslims who seek friendships with Unbelievers (5:80). So, it should only be natural that the Muslim was, is and will always be wary of the non-Muslim! A Muslim should not even stand at an Unbeliever’s grave (9:84). Quran clearly dictates that a Muslim should never pray for any of the Unbelievers. It says- “Die not except in Islam” (3:102).

“Listen not to the Unbelievers nor will they listen to you, but strive against them with the utmost hardships!” (25:52, 29:12-13, 30:52-53)

“Leave not a single Unbeliever on earth!” (71:26) 

here is not one citation in Quran that says that an Unbeliever may be a good person. In fact, it clearly tells Muslims that those who reject the faith of Islam are wrongdoers (2:254).


-The ending of the first Surah (Al Fatihah, 1:6-7) of Quran- “Show us the straight way, the way of those on whom you have bestowed your grace, those whose portion is not wrath and who go not ashtray.”

-The ending of the last Surah (Al Nas, 114:1-6) of Quran- “Say: I seek refuge with the Lord…… from the mischief of the whisperer of evil….. and the men who have accepted such evil into their hearts.”

-The ending of the first Surah that was “revealed to people” (Al Alaq, 96:14-19)- “Doesn’t he know that Allah sees? Let him beware! If he doesn’t desist, we will drag him by the forelock! Then, let him call for help to his council of comrades. We will call on the angels of punishment1 to deal with him. Just don’t heed him.”

-The last Surah that was “revealed to people” (Al Nasr, 110:1-2)- “When Allah’s help comes, victory comes. And you see (formerly Unbelieving) people enter Allah’s religion in crowds.”

Without surmising, the message of Quran can be summarised as follows (Al Fath 48:28-29) – “It is he who has sent his messenger with guidance and the religion of truth, to proclaim it over all religion and enough is Allah for a witness. Those who are with him (Muhammad) are strong against the Unbelievers but compassionate amongst each other.”

47:4-6 ratifies goes-“Allah lets you fight in order to test you. And those lucky ones who are slain in the path of Allah have the promised Garden of pleasures awaiting them.”

“O Believers, shall I lead you to a bargain that will save you from a grievous penalty? That you believe in Allah and his messenger, and that you strive your utmost in the cause of Allah with your property and persons. That will be the best for you, if you knew. He will forgive your sins, and admit you to the gardens..... That is indeed the supreme achievement…. So, give glad tidings to the believers…. We gave power to those who believed and they became the ones that prevailed over their enemies.” (61:10-14). 1

Allah loves those who fight for him in an organized manner (61:4).

Believers who fight for Allah are superior to ordinary believers (4:95, -100).

Great bounties and rewards await those who fight for Allah (9:20-22, 16:41, -88-89).

The Unbelievers should be fought until faith in Allah prevails (8:38-39).

Muslims slain in the way of Allah are living (2:154).

When the believers meet the Unbelievers, never turn your backs to them unless it is for a strategy (8:15-16).

Either victory or loss, reward awaits the one who fights for Allah (4:74).

How can the Muslim think that he could get to the pleasures of the hereafter, without faring well in the ‘fighting test’ on earth? (3:142)

To support this Jihadi outlook, in 9:38-39, it asks the believers not to cling heavily on to the pleasures of the earth.

For their slaying and being slain, the Garden of paradise is theirs! (3:157-158, 22:58, 61:10-13)

The promise of a better hereafter for the person of sacrifices is once again seen in 13:26, 28:60-61, 11:15-17, 17:18, 42:20, 75:20-21, 76:27.

Along with it is usually a threat to those who hold on to the matters of earthly life, saying that such people await a severe penalty. Now, isn’t that blindfolding a Muslim from being thoughtful in this life, the only thing that we are sure of? Some more citations passionately inciting and encouraging the believer to fight the Unbeliever for Allah until Islam prevails, are- 2:244, 2:179, -190-193, 8:39, 9:123, 22:39 and 47:20. There are many more of them in Quran, too numerous to list.

“O Believers, what is the matter with you that when you are asked to go forth in the cause of Allah, you cling heavily to the earth? Unless you go forth, he will punish you with a grievous penalty.” (9:38-39)

Quran warns of hypocrites, who say, “If only we knew there would be fight, we would have certainly followed you.” It says that Allah knows their insincerity and considers such attitude equal to unbelief (3:167). It says further that these people sit and watch their brothers slain and say, “If only they had listened to us, this wouldn’t have happened!” (3:168) But Quran ‘enlightens’ that such comments are due to their ignorance, they don’t know that such “martyrs” proceed to Allah’s Garden of pleasures!

4:97 shows Quran describing a scene in the hereafter. The angels ask the soul, “What was your plight?” If the soul replies, “We were the weak and oppressed on earth”. The angels admonish them and punish them saying, “Wasn’t Allah’s earth spacious enough for you to move away from evil?” For the others who were REALLY suppressed and had no ways to retaliate, 4:99 says that there is hope that Allah will forgive. Angelic conversation throwing the Unbeliever into a firy hell is also described in that connection (50:21-29)

The fight against the Unbeliever can take any forms, as per Quran. It needn’t be one with swords alone. In 9:41, it urges all Muslims to fight with goods and person in the cause of Allah. No Muslim can ask for exemption from fighting, as everyone has to serve the cause of Allah (9:44-49).

2:216 says fighting has been prescribed to the Muslim because it is a good thing, as per Allah’s vision but the Muslim does not know it.

Anyone (except the lame, blind and ill), who turns his back and says no to fight will be afflicted with a grievous penalty (48:17).

“In the fight with the Unbeliever, support of Allah is enough for the believer to win. Allah cast terror into the hearts of the people who aided the Unbelievers so that some you could slay and some you could make prisoners. Allah made you heirs of their lands, houses and their goods, something to which you had no access before.” (33:25-27)

The lord will destroy (Muslim’s) enemies and make the believers the inheritors of earth (7:129).

By fighting for the faith and aiding the cause of Allah you are entitled to a pardon for all sins (8:74).

4:84 says that Allah may restrain the fury of the Unbelievers in their fight. And in the fights against the Unbelievers, Quran guarantees the believers that victory shall be theirs, as the Unbeliever does not have any protector (48:22, 70:30-44). “O believer, If you attack the Unbelievers, no one will help them and they will be forced to flee. It is a truth that you are stronger because of the terror instilled in their hearts against you! They will only fight you gutlessly from fortified positions. But otherwise, their fighting spirit is great only amongst themselves.1 They are a highly divided bunch (59:13-14)! Never will Allah grant Unbelievers triumph over believers (4:141)!

Do not slacken in chasing your enemy (4:104). Quran thus urges the Muslim to keep pursuing his aggressive methods. While urging the Muslim on in his war against the Unbeliever, Quran (Allah) says-

“It is not you who slew them, it was Allah!” meaning that it is not the believer who slays the Unbeliever, it is Allah who does it through his hands (8:17)!

It does not fit Muhammad that he should have prisoners of war until the land is thoroughly subdued (8:67).

8:60 lays it out for the believer- “…. strike terror into the hearts of your enemies (and that of Allah), and the others besides whom you may not know but whom Allah does know! Whatever you shall spend in the cause of Allah shall be repaid unto you and you shall not be treated unjustly”

“Enjoy whatever booty you took from war. It is lawful and good (pure)!” (8:69)

There are many more citations that sanctifies the Muslim’s quest for war booty (goods, land, persons and women) such as 8:1, 19-20, -41, 48:15, 59:7-8 etc.

When Muslim-folks fight united, a ratio of one believer is favorable over ten infidels (8:65). And when the Muslims do not fight united, even then one believer is equal to two Unbelievers in fight (8:66)

“If Allah had pleased, he would have given them power over you, and they would have fought you.” (4:90)

“Be not weary and faint-hearted, when you should be the uppermost, for Allah is with you…” (47:35).

“Be not weary and faint-hearted, when you should be the uppermost, for Allah is with you…” (47:35). So, a Muslim is the rightfully destined to the top, in spite of what his stakes or stances are.

Allah forbids you from being friendly towards those who fought with you because of your religion (60:8-9).

2:11 proclaims that even though the Unbelievers say that they come in peace, they actually intend to create nuisance!1 I found a citation urging the believer to make peace, but it was in the case when two believers, ie. if two Muslims are engaged in the fight (49:9). Quran also endorses the Muslims making agreements with an Unbelieving clan only to gain strategic benefits for Islam (4:90).

“Let not the Unbelievers think that they can get the better of the godly. They will never frustrate them. Against them make ready your strength of the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into the hearts of the enemies.” Quran openly urges the believer to make war, strike terror amongst the Unbelievers (8:59-60).

People with whom Allah is displeased (Unbelievers are the only ones on this list!) are smitten by terror! (27:87)

3:151, 7:116, 8:12, 17:59, 17:60, 18:49, 33:26, 34:51, 59:2…… what are these? Allah seeks that Muslims strike terror into the hearts of Unbelievers or he promises that he shall do so himself! (If you remember, Quran says that he shall punish Unbelievers through Muslim’s hands. So, both are the same

“Allah has purchased of the believers their persons and goods; for theirs in return is the garden of paradise: They fight in his cause, and slay and are slain.” (9:111)

-just one direct citation advocating fasting in the month of Ramadan (2:183-187) + two more on fasting

There is only one way to end a conflict with a Muslim, as per Quran. And that is by the Unbeliever embracing Islam (2:193)!

There is only one way to end a conflict with a Muslim, as per Quran. And that is by the Unbeliever embracing Islam (2:193)!

Quran urges Muslims to fight against men of other faith purely on the pretext of their unacceptable religion. It is only natural to note that it strictly prohibits a Muslim from killing another Muslim (4:29, 4:92).

“Allah permits sex with those joined to them in the marriage bond, Or the captives whom their right hands possess. In these cases, they (Muslims) are free from blame.” (23:6, 30:28, 33:50, 70:30) These “right hand possessions” are women captured through war (jihad) against unbelievers!

There is one citation that honors woman and says that she should be respected (4:1).

-Quran states that Allah created man from a sperm drop (16:4, 35:11, 36:77, 76:1-3, 77:20-24, 80:19, 86:6). I wonder whatever happened to the ovum and the mother who fed and carried the embryo for ten months!

-Only Unbelievers give angels feminine names (17:40, 53:27), which is a most dreadful thing. The Pagans calling upon female deities is calling upon Satan (4:117). If Allah has no cohorts and consorts, no kids and is beyond description, why should he yet prefer the male form of identity? This is when iterature provides many ways in which the “he” form can be avoided for the sake of puritanic perfection in communication.

-Quran says that women’s rights are equitable to men’s but man has a degree of advantage over woman. (2:228). The essence is that Man is superior!

-“If you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly with the orphans, marry women of your choice.” (4:3) This clearly means that the definition of orphan is one whose father is no more!

-The believers are all a single brotherhood (49:9). What about saying sisterhood or sorority?

-One should keep away from women in their menstrual periods because they are unclean. Allah says that women in their courses are sources of “hurt and pollution” (2:222). Sheer ignorance!1 -Unbelieving women shouldn’t be accepted as wives until they believe (2:221) and a slave woman who believes is better than an Unbelieving woman. Quran clearly says to the man, “refrain from associating with women in mosques (2:187)”. What a plight!

-“If you fear disloyalty and ill-conduct from your women, admonish them first, refuse to share their beds next and beat them at last.” (4:25) What a way to get suspicion confirmed! On the other hand, see the case what if women have suspicions-“If a wife fears cruelty or desertion on her husband’s part, there is no blame on them if they arrange an amicable settlement between themselves." (4:128) the difference in the way a man and woman is addressed in Quran!

-“You are never able to be fair and just amongst women even if it is your desire to be.” (4:129) Is Allah suggesting that he made women fastidious and insatiable?

-“In what your wives leave, your share is a half, if they leave no child. But if they leave a child, you get a fourth. In what you leave, their share is a fourth, if you leave no child. But if you leave a child, they get an eighth.” (4:12) Allah directs that the male child should have twice the portion of the female (4:11, -176). Quran says very clearly that men are in charge of women and women have a lower status in the partition and disbursal of family property (4:175). One always wonders why Allah is so partial to men! Allah calls Muslim men “you” and women “they”. Throughout Quran, he addresses men in general (like the one seen here) and only comes to women in particular when required (like- Allah addressing Muhammad’s consorts).

-Quranic law for lewdness of the woman is very harsh- confinement leading to death. If they are disloyal, admonish them and beat them (4:15, 4:34). And you thought Islam has silk glove treatment for women!

-Women are men’s tilth (agricultural land) and a husband is free to have as many issues as he wants (2:223). What a poetic way to describe a relationship with one’s mate!

-A single issue is enough to show the prejudice of Quran against women- “Marry women of your choice- two, three or four; but if you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly with them, then only one.” (4:3).2 On the contrary, a righteous woman should be monogamous and obedient (4:34) failing which she should be beaten up. Definition of moral asymmetry!

-A woman should stay quietly in her house without making any dazzling displays (33:33). When she goes outside, it is convenient to her that she wears outer garments all over her person. This prevents her from getting molested! (33:59)3 The believing woman should lower her gaze, must not display her beauty (except to some permitted few) and should draw veils over her bosom (24:31). She shouldn’t even strike her feet, so that a man’s attention is drawn to the ornaments hidden under her dress. 4 The dress code is somewhat relaxed for women past the prospects of marriage. (24:60) Do you think this is for protection of women of for possession of women?

-In codifying the contract law for Muslims, Quran says that the witnesses to contracts should be two men. If the second man can’t be found, one man plus two women also suffice! (2:282) Essence- A single woman can’t be a reliable witness.

-Mother should breast-feed the child for the full term of two years, if the father desires to complete the term! If he wishes to have a foster-mother for the child, there is no blame on him, he could do that after paying off the mother for her services (2:233)! Mother is a disposable property in Quranic Islam! (The child follows the religion of the father. Mother is usually not given the right to guardianship of a son above seven years old and the daughter after she attains puberty. In Islam, mother is not a natural guardian but father and his male lineage is.)

If one writes on Islamic law and women, it will make a whole big book that can serve as the reference for women’s emancipation champions the world over to campaign against. Then there are so many laws regarding marriage, divorce and property distribution that are clearly against the woman’s interests. Marriage is a contract in Islam, not a sacrament. Read Al Baqarah 2: 221 onwards until 240 to get a picture of this relation. The husband need not furnish any reasons for divorcing his wife.1 A woman cannot refuse conjugal rights to her husband after cohabitation. She could do it before but not after! A Muslim wife whose marriage occurred before she attained 15 years can repudiate her marriage before she turns 18, if and only if the marriage is not consummated. The male has no such clauses! Iddat, a period of mourning is to be compulsorily observed by women when marital tie is severed (three months if divorced and about hundred and thirty days if the husband dies). Now, if a guy divorces a woman and dies after two and a half months, the poor woman is supposed to start a fresh iddat from that day on for another hundred and thirty days. Interesting to note that a man can marry a woman within seconds of divorcing a lady! In fact, he doesn’t even have to wait to divorce! The customary dower is the amount that the bridal father’s sister received as dower when they were married. So, the dower amounts will remain the same in eternity and “inflation” won’t count. The maximum permissible proper dower in Shia sect is 500 Dirhams. Moreover, even the Islamic jurists will agree that dower is a highly insecure debt and nothing else! That shuts the claim that Islamic marriage assures financial backup for women.

The will of Allah supercedes and superposes the freewill of man (74:56, 76:29-31, 81:28-29). One just cannot will against Allah (81:29). The same Quran says that unbelievers are contentious of the messages of Quran, which is nothing but the will of Allah (18:54). I wonder where lies the problem? Is man superior to Allah or what? If not, why such a gross violation of Allah’s will? Is it Allah’s will that Allah’s will be violated? What purpose does Allah gain by making man ungrateful to Allah himself (7:10, 36:45-47)? What a serious piece of missing trunk in the logical coherence of Quran!

Quran says that those who are without knowledge and faith seek proof of Allah’s supremacy (2:118). I was under the impression that Quran was meant to give knowledge and faith in the first place! In that context, I wonder what the above-mentioned message implies! Allah guides those people to the right path with whom he is pleased (10:25). I was given to believe that going on the right path pleases Allah. How does one get to please him if the path is secondary? Shouldn’t going on the right path be more important than pleasing him? Any quest going against Quran is directed away from purpose (2:176).

Quran has a peculiar logic about difficulties in life. Allah is the wanderer’ guidance and orphan’s shelter (93:6). Interestingly, why orphans and wanderers in the first place

Allah will lighten difficulties (4:28). Why shouldn’t things be easy? No answers!

Surah 60 Al Mumtahinah starts thus, “ O ye who believe! Take not my enemies and yours as your friends and protectors. Don’t offer them your love…….” Similar idea is seen in 2:98 that says- Allah is an enemy to those rejecting the Islamic faith. Abraham’s idolating father is also cited as an enemy to Allah (9:114) and Abraham is cited as Allah’s friend! (4:125)

-Quran advocates cleaning of hands, legs and face before going to prayer because Allah loves the clean (the practices of wudu and ghusl). But what do you do if you don’t find water to clean your face and limbs? One is instructed to choose from sand or soil as the alternatives (4:43, 5:6). How hygienic!

-The believers are prohibited from consuming blood and dead meat. They can eat only some prescribed animals after slitting their throats (16:115). Well, any animal after it dies or if it is killed, even by slitting the throat, is still dead meat1. Next, I don’t know of any technology that the Muslim uses to drain away all the blood2 from tissues. I know for sure that they don’t use extractors, freeze dryers or dessicator ovens.

-The lightening could snatch the Kafir’s sight away, if Allah so wishes! (2:20) It doesn’t snatch anyone’s sight and doesn’t distinguish between people while it strikes. It is an electric arc resulting out of strong electrostatic polarization, of which Muhammad had no clue in the seventh century!

-The spider’s house (web) is described as the flimsiest of structures (29:41). Little did Muhammad know that the spider’s silk is many times stronger than steel!3

-Quranic concept of the cosmos4 is pretty outdated. It says that the earth is a stationary flat carpet like place and mountains are put on it as weights so that it doesn’t shake with man (13:3, 78:6-7, 31:10, 21:31-33, 43:10). The sun and moon go over the earth in their fixed courses as determined by Allah (36:38, 13:2, 39:5, 14:33). They swim along in a rounded course (21:33). If all these were true, we had it! If not for an almost spherical earth in an elliptical orbit with a tilt to its axis of rotation, spinning on this axis all the while revolving around a relatively stationary sun, the refreshing routine earthly changes like day-night or long term climatic changes would have been non-existent! And the concepts of the stars being fixed around on the firmament of sky is also clearly seen in indirect manners. 81:1-2 says stars will fall and the light of sun will be folded up!). Wake up, Muslims…. It is the earth that revolves around the Sun! This single fact alone is enough for Quran to be dumped in a trash can!

5-36:40 says that it is not permitted for the sun to catch up with the moon and the nights cannot outstrip the day. Muhammad enlightens that the new moon is to mark fixed periods in the affairs of men and for pilgrimage (2:189). It clearly shows that Muhammad (or is it Allah?) had no clue of the eclipses and solar system. Moreover, nights and days in northern Europe (away from the equator) are definitely defying Allah’s decree then. At certain times of the year, they are far from being twelve hours apiece. You might have good visibility even at 9 P.M or poor visibility even at 9 A.M.

-Allah is the one who raised the heaven (sky) without pillars. (13:2) Well, even Allah can’t stick pillars into gas to hold them up, even if he needed to! Check 21:104 which says- “The day shall we roll up the heavens like a scroll rolled up for books completed- Even as we produced the first creation, so shall we produce a new one6: A promise we have undertaken. Truly shall we fulfil it.”

The sky is no flat roll of paper, Muslims! Also, Quran says that there are seven firmaments above in the heavens or sky (2:29, 67:3).7 Muslims must realize that the roof of the sky is an optical “illusion”. Otherwise, we would have had the rockets and space shuttles knocking at and blasting the doors of heavens every now and then.

-While describing the garden of pleasures in store for Muslims, Quran 76:13 goes “Reclining in the garden on raised thrones, they will see there neither the sun’s excessive heat nor the moon’s excessive cold.” While Sun was correctly identified as the source of heat, Moon was falsely identified as the source of cold! Today, we know that the concepts of heat and cold that Quran speaks about here is a relative feeling afforded by man’s sensory perceptions. It is due to differences in relative temperatures and the heat energy transfer involved due to this temperature difference (When two objects are at the same temperature, we sometimes feel one to be hot and another to be cold. That is because of difference in capablities of thermal conductivity. For example, in a room equilibriated at 20C, a metal block may feel colder than a wooden block when they are in fact, at the same temperature. That is because the metal block draws heat from our body (which is thermostatted at about 32C) more efficiently than the wooden block. The cold in the night is not because moon acts like a refrigerator or heat sink, but just because the source of heat is not around. Therefore, Quran has no concepts of Thermodynamics, one of the foundations of today’s physical sciences.

-Allah sends rain and revives earth (29:63). In 56:68-69, Allah asks man, “See the water you drink, do you bring it down from the clouds or do we?” This does not explain the silver seeding that man does to artificially precipitate rain today or the huge reverse osmosis plants that give today’s Arabians a good part of their drinking water.

-Allah made all the creatures in heaven and earth (31:10). I don’t think that it accounts for the clones (Dolly, the sheep!), transgenics (many varieties of genetically enriched agricultural products we employ today!) and hybrids (like mule or the nectarine!8) that were born out of man’s conscious efforts.9 Allah sustains all creatures (29:60-62, 93:8). This does not explain the extinction of many species or our conscious efforts to sustain them.

-“He creates what he wills and gives male or female children as per his will. He bestows males and females. He leaves barren whom he wills. He is full of knowledge and power.” (42:49-50) Well, today’s test-tube babies (in vitro fertilization) and sex-selection techniques (by electrophoretic sorting of sperm cells) were definitely not around in Arabia during Muhammad’s times. Otherwise, this wouldn’t have featured in Quran. BTW, what about hermaphrodites10, gynandromorphs and transsexuals? Did Allah falter in their case or did he make them deliberately so or does he not consider them a part of his creation? One more question, why should fertility clinics serve Muslims today?

-“Would you really approach men in your lusts rather than women? Nay, you are a people grossly ignorant!” (27:55) There are other citations and stories in Quran that warn against homosexuality as a transgression (7:81). Today, it is an acknowledged fact that homosexuality is a trait exhibited not only among humans, but also in apes, monkeys, canines, felines, giraffes, cattles and many other hooved, clawed and nailed animals. It results not due to ignorance nor is it a transgression. It is merely an ‘unusual’ sexual behavior among animals.

-And, “He made everything in pairs of male and female” (51:49, 53:45). As per Quran, all animals, man and plants are made in ‘sexual’ pairs (20:53, 22:5, 35:11, 36:36, 42:11). This is not true at all. A student of biology knows of things like parthenogenesis11, in which eggs develop without being fertilized by sperm. In many invertebrates (rotifers, arachnids, insects and crustaceans) and vertebrates (some lizards or even the domesticated turkey), this phenomenon occurs quite naturally12. In fact, certain insects have neither males nor a sexual phase and depend exclusively on parthenogenesis for reproduction. It is a super reproductroy mechanism in several species of aphids. It serves as the means of sex determination in honeybees and wasps. One might wonder what this leads to. Check this simple fact- in honeybees, unfertilized eggs develop into male drones and fertilized eggs develop into workers or queen depending on what the larva is fed. Now, in any given hive, the population distribution is like- more than 90% worker (female), less than 10% drones (males) and one queen (female) bee. Now, where is parity here? Disparity rules the norms here and that is desperation for Quranic concepts. This definitely is a case of negligence of Allah or ignorance of Muhammad. Choose your pick! much for Quran being a visionary scientific document!

A believer is refrained from pursuing anything about which he has no knowledge. Because they could be evil! And seeing, hearing or speaking evil can be taken as proof against you (17:36). So, just obey the will of Allah because Quran says that curiosity is bad! I ask, is it always possible for a person to help himself from seeing or hearing evil? Isn’t that disowning realities that evil exists? Why try to be unrealistically self-binding for no justifiable reason?

All questions go to Allah (3:109) because answers to questions on Quran (triggered by curiosity) will cause you troubles and lead you to lose your faith (5:101-102). Allah will later clear all concepts you disputed (6:164)1. Why should he not clear our doubts now? I guess this doubt also will be cleared after our death! It just means that the spirit of inquiry (on which rely our attempts to improve our own life) should be flushed down the drain. Any attempts to follow one’s doubts are deemed immoral (3:154, 4:157, 6:116,-119,-148, 10:36,-66, 53:23,-28) that results as an outcome of a lack of knowledge!

The believer should not sit where Islam is questioned (4:140) discussing vainly on Quran (6:68). If he does so, it will be taken as proof against him on the day of the judgement. Quran says that if the believer discusses Quran, there is a great chance that he will lose faith in it. How very right, how very correct!

Quran does advocate its believers to study (9:122). But don’t be surprised, it is urging studies in religion! The cream of the whole logical pursuit in Quran is- “If you reject faith, your doubts are untrue!” (2:23-24).

Believers are assured pleasures and Unbelievers promised boiling water and fire - And verily, this is supposed to be the statement of truth and faith (56:88-96).

Proof of Allah is a verse from Quran (2:23-24)!

And one of the most out of place thing is- Allah swears! He swears by Quran (36:2, 38:1) thus-

“By Quran, full of admonition.”

Not only that, he swears by those who read Quran (37:3)! He swears by wind (51:1), mountain (52:1), ocean (52:6), earth (86:12), sky (52:5, 86:11), moon (74:32), stars (56:75, 81:15), day (92:2) and night (92:1) and what not! All this for what? To confirm that Quran is his own word, Muhammad is the prophet and owner of a great character, punishment is in store for the Unbelievers, etc. There are more than a 100 of such promises made by Allah in Quran! Check out a typical sample (79:1-6)

The signs of Allah are demanded by those without knowledge and are clear to those with faith (2:118). Can’t they see the evident signs? The cattle have the two juices (blood and urine?) within them. But Allah also makes it produce the milk (the third), which is agreeable for man to drink (16:66).

Besides such a stupid idea, here are some more. Birds flying is a sign (16:79), wind is a sign (30:46), day and night are signs (17:12), Quran is a sign (29:49-51), sun and moon are signs (36:37-40), rain reviving the earth is a sign (41:39-40), water is a sign (56:68-70) and fire is a sign (56:71-73).

There is no discrepancy or contradiction in Quran (4:82) and the messages are consistent (39:23). The messages don’t harbor any crookedness (18:1-2).No one but he knows its true meanings (3:7).”

Then, a concept is introduced which says that Allah can substitute or improve upon an earlier decree, but this doesn’t result to abrogation! (2:106, 13:39, 16:101).

-“He has chosen you and has imposed no difficulties on you in religion, it is the cult of your father Abraham. It is he who has named you Muslims, both before and in this revelation…” (22:78) It means that even those that followed Abraham’s teachings (and earlier ‘prophets’) were Muslims. Now check what 39:11-12 in which Allah talks to Muhammad- “Say: Verily, I am commanded to serve Allah with sincere devotion. And I am commanded to be the first of those who bow to Allah in Islam.” This means that Muhammad is the first Muslim. 2:151 and 5:15 clearly state that Muhammad is the messenger for a new group of people with a new light and knowledge in an easily understandable new book. Now, what is true?

-Allah made man out of clay (6:2, 15:26) and elsewhere this is contradicted when it says that he created man from water (25:54). Then, man is also made from dust (35:11) or from sperm (36:77) or from a clot of congealed blood (96:2). In one place, it is written in a peculiar way that Allah made man out of dust, then out of sperm, then out of a leech like morsel of flesh (22:5).1 To me, water, dust, sperm and clot of blood are not the same. 2

-Man is lowly in origin (77:20) but elsewhere, it says that man is created from the best of moulds (95:4).

-Allah sows hatred amongst the Unbelievers (5:64). But then 5:91 says that it is Satan who spreads hatred!3

-There is only one supreme force, Allah and there is no force of evil (16:51, as against the Persian beliefs.). But the evil force of Satan is acknowledged in many other places (7:27, 8:48).

-The whole of Quran portrays life as a serious business in which one is supposed to follow the will of Allah. At times, it even specifically says so, like- 6:70. But then you have also verses to the effect that life is nothing but play and amusement (6:32, 29:64, 47:36, 57:20).

-It is said of the enemies of Allah (those who blaspheme) that they cannot injure Allah’s interests and their punishment is meted out by Allah after their death (10:70). However, in 5:33, Quran advocates the execution or severe physical mutilation of persons involved in these acts.

-Quran says, “Conquer evil with good and you will find that your enemy has become your close friend (41:34)”. In the very next Surah, it says “Let evil be punished with equal evil (42:40)” and elsewhere, it also says that one should not try to befriend one’s foes.

-In certain instances, Jews and Christians are given enemy and Unbelievers’ status. Then, in 29:46, Quran contradicts that people of the book believe in the same God.

Allah is the wisest judge and everything happening is just in his eyes (95:8, 21:47). Allah is never unjust (4:40). If that were true, why do we need Quranic law in the first place? All the happenings of the world before Quran were just, anyway! If Allah has control over the whole world and if everything happens according to Allah’s will, how can the affairs of non-Islamic world be deemed unjust (or for that matter, justified) in Quranic perspective? Why should a Muslim approach a court of law for justice in the Islamic world if all that happens is just? Then again, this notion is nullified when Quran itself says that in the hereafter heavens, the distribution is more in gradation and excellence, unlike the life on earth. (17:21)

“The law of equality is prescribed to you in cases of murder: the free for the free, the slave for the slave, the woman for the woman…” (2:178)

Then there is “Women impure for men impure, and pure men for pure women” when Quran prescribes marriages (24:26).

“Life for life, eye for eye, nose for nose, ear for ear, tooth for tooth and wounds equal for equal.” (5:45)

What kind of analytical justice is this but poetic? And-

“O men, we have divided you into tribes and nations so that you may know each other well.” (49:13) 

I really didn’t understand how dividing people can make people understand each other better! It is like killing a man to alleviate him from the miseries of life.

“If Allah wanted, he could have made you all one people, but he leaves some straying and some guided. He does as he pleases!”1 (16:93)

What is the use of such a God concept? See a sample of his criminal justice (4:92)-

“Never should a Believer kill a believer; but if it so happens by mistake, compensation is due…. It is ordained that he should free a believing slave and pay compensation to the deceased family…..If the deceased belonged to a believing people at war with you, the freeing of a believing slave is enough…. For those who find this beyond their means is prescribed a fast for two months running….”

Blood relations are greater than other close personal ties with believers, by the decree of Allah (33:6, 8:75).

64:14 tells the Muslims, “Watch out, among your wives and children, some are your enemies. So, beware of them.”

But then, Unbelievers are described as Muslim’s sworn enemies forever. Not once or twice but many tens and hundreds of times! How does this unite people? How can all the Unbelievers be deemed enemies worth slaughter? So much so that Allah promises to send down five thousand angels to assist in a “terrific slaughter” of the Unbelievers (3:125)!

Allah has no wants. Then why does he will and decide and test people (3:142)?

8:70- “O Prophet, Say to those who are captive in your hands- If Allah finds any good in your hearts, he will give you something better than what has been taken from you. And he will forgive you.” Now, that is Quranic poetic justice for the downtrodden! What does it do but leave the slaves in their deplorable state at the mercy of Lord! Quran endorses slavery in more direct forms besides the ones that we have already seen (4:92, 24:32, -33) and it is documented that Muhammad himself had many slaves during his lifetime

It specifically asks the Muslim not to marry an unbelieving woman until they believe (2:221). Muslims are forbidden from marrying off their girls to Unbelievers because by doing so, they are inviting the punishment of burning in fire (2:221). Exceptions are made for a Muslim man marrying a chaste woman from the people of the book, like Christians (5:5). If the believer is in no position to marry the believing woman, he can marry a believing captive woman (slave) but only after permission from their owners (4:25). The will of the slave is not a matter to be addressed! It says clearly that having captive women of war for conjugal pleasures is lawful! (23:5-6) Adultery is a crime for which one should be flogged a hundred times (24:2). Any adulterer is permitted to marry only another adulterer or an Unbeliever! (24:3) Allah tells the Muslim that he may marry two, three or four women of his choice (4:3)1. He may not marry an already married woman (to a believer) except the captive married women of war (4:24).

Pagan Arabs slaughtering their children in their confused religion is condemned (6:137) whereas Abraham sacrificing his own son is OK (37:99-102).1 Quran (22:34-36) endorses the primitive practice of sacrifices, which is definitely a criminal superstition. Quran proclaims that Jinns existed (6:100, 15:27, 34:41, 46:29-32, 55:15, 72:1-15) and were created from the fire of a scorching wind (15:27). Nice imagination, but still showing the remnants of pre-Islamic Arabian myths! In 5:3, specific meats are prescribed and some banned. The animals that are killed by strangling, blows and arrows are prohibited. Only those animals whose throats have been slit (halaal) are recommended to the Muslim. Kill not animals when in the pilgrim’s garb (5:95). But then, sacrificing an animal is the completion of the pilgrimage itself!

Miracles are not used to make people believe in Islam only because men of earlier generations and religions treated them as false (17:59).

Quran says, “There is no creature on earth nor a being that flies on its wings that forms communities like man. Nothing have we omitted from the book…..!” (6:38).

Mother of cities is the city of Mecca. Quran is too happy singing praises of Arabic about a dozen times. “Quran is made in your own tongue (19:97, 20:113)1 which is easily understood and transparent (26:192-200, 43:3, 44:58)”.

Then, how can Arabic be “their own” language?1 Isn’t it that Quran is in Arabic only because Muhammad knew only Arabic? Quranic explanation for an Arabic Quran being delivered to the Arabic people is that if Quran were given to non-Arabs, they would not have understood it. And, it quotes that the Unbelievers would have contended it saying, “How can it be that a messenger is an Arab and the message is not in Arabic?” or “How can a non-Arab understand an Arabic Quran?” (41:44, 26:198-199)

Arabic is clearly distinguished as a pure tongue that is easily understood and clearly expressed (26:195) which is distinct from the notably alien language of the Unbeliever (16:103).

“Heaven has rivers and gardens (9:71-72)”, clearly the concept of a man from desert who was pressed with the scarcity of water and dearth of greenery!

In Surah 105 (1-5), the idea is raised that Muhammad’s victory over Christian Viceroy of Sana was the triumph of truth and Allah. Well, there are many instances in history where Islamic conquests have failed and their nemeses have won. Where was the support of Allah then? A few centuries back, Islam was wiped out from Spain due to retaliatory Christian conquests like the ones sponsored by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella

Allah cares for the world he created (the concept of Rabb, 1:2). Why did he create the Unbeliever who he doesn’t care for? Why does Allah protect those who have faith only (2:257)?

A deplorable status (like that of women) can be seen in the case of animals. Quran says that the animals are here for man’s perusal (16:5-8)1. All creatures do as commanded by Allah (16:48-50). Let’s see- a tiger coming to eat a Muslim is the command of Allah. If the tiger eats him, so it is and if it doesn’t, it wasn’t the command. He said “BE” and the world is in being (2:117, 19:35). No reason is given to the will. Yet it is not for pleasure2, says Quran (21:16)

Quran says that if the Allah so willed, he could have created mankind into a peaceful and united bunch (11:118). But this was not so because he gave man freewill too, which brought in the conflicts of interests. Now, why would Allah want to give free will to man and then try to subjugate him through his dictums? And why was giving freewill to man more important than retaining peace for Allah?

“Verily, man is given up to injustice and ingratitude.” (14:34)

“For man is given to hasty deeds.” (17:11, 21:37). 

Why should Allah complain about a product that he had handcrafted himself (3:59, 39:6)?

“For to anything which we have willed, we but say the word, “Be” and it is.” (16:40) Then, O Allah, pray tell me why couldn’t you wish everyone to be a Muslim?

Allah created men and Jinn so that they could serve him (51:56). But then, Allah is free of all wants and doesn’t require anything of the men (31:26, 35:15, 51:57, 57:19). Argumentative convenience at display, yet again! “Mankind was one nation which owes allegiance to Allah and then differences arose because of man’s thoughts and actions.” (10:19) In 49:13, Quran says that Allah had divided man himself!

People are prevented from pursuing the glitters of the present life (11:15) and told that the hereafter life is better (87:16-17). How and why is that? The best form of commerce is investing in Allah (2:245). To bottle up emotions, it says- not to exult or despair (57:23). Allah gives life and death (3:156, 15:23).

“No mortal can speak to God except through revelation or through a messenger (42:51).” Is Quran alienating the commoner from having a personal relation with God?

But Quran also says, “Call on the Lord in private and in humility (7:55)”

Allah is living and eternal (2:255, 40:68). Allah can’t appear in public. Instead, he chooses to dazzle with lightning and thunder (4:154). No vision can grasp him (6:103). But yes, he can speak to Muhammad through agents (angel Gabriel, for example). I didn’t get the angle here. If he is above our comprehension, why should we yet seek him with fear and longing (7:55-56)?

Yet, Allah in his own words (or Muhammad’s!) chooses to say that the face of the lord will abide forever (55:27). In another place, Quran quotes that both of his (Allah’s) hands are not tied up but are widely outstretched (5:64). Then come the attributes of the companions of right hand (56:8-9) for the believer. Then, in Al-Nur 24:35, there is a detailed analogy to Allah- as the light of the heavens and earth, a lamp like a star enclosed in a glass.

If someone says that Allah has a son, the question Muhammad asked is, “How can he have a son when he has no consorts?” (6:101)


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