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On RationalWiki

I am an editor on RationalWiki, though it has been a while since I was last "active." I was a moderator for a little over one year. (Before that, I was a mystical bureaucrat; all bureaucrats have since vanished into the waters of the Great Flood.) I welcome questions and I don't often bite the newbies. I also have a pretty high threshold for trolling, and don't use my banhammer very much at all. When banning is necessary, I like to go through a consensus-driven process that culminates in a community vote.

For a time, I was versed in the ways of MediaWiki. I made a bot running on Python and the pywikipedia library that did menial tasks.

A Personal Note

It might not come as surprise that my most active years editing this site were when I was a teenager. Specifically, I joined RW at the ripe age of 13, making this particular account the day of my 14th birthday. I wouldn't advise anyone to go back and look at my contributions from that time, but they're about what you might expect from such a person. I was 17 and 18 years old during my most passionate time here: the prolonged user rights crisis in 2011, becoming a moderator, and later a member of the RMF Board of Trustees. Afterward, I became inactive and took a long break from involvement with RW. What I regret most about my early time here was my own immaturity—surely there were much more important things for a teenager to do than writing tens of thousands of words in essays on the administration of this website—but I think my activity here brought my life a little bit of chaos and a sense of purpose that it was lacking elsewhere.
Messages on my talk page will always be read and answered to the best of my ability.

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