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"Anonymous User" (inappropriate name), you seem to claim that you found "errors" in Conservapedia. I looked at your contributions and you list yourself as an "agnostic" here, yet 100% of your edits here have been of an atheistic nature. An agnostic, if fair-minded, should be at least 50% Bible-based and 50% atheistic-based, so clearly you're an atheistic believer in the fantasy of extraterrestrial life. You also refuse to accept that a larger tax cut for the wealthy prevents gun control. Believe what you like, but censorship of opponents is the sine qua non of atheism. Many other sites offer game-playing, ranting, bickering, and blogging opportunities. You're trespassing; don't return.--aschlafly 09:10, 22 January 2020 (UTC) Also functions as a watch! :)

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-12askfly - to ask teh Assfly.

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