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Freedom Blocking Defensive and Evo psych woo[edit]

Surveys show that about 1 out of every 40 people who are Citizendiumers will be bad people. This happens because whenever a new person is born, they are mentally influenced by the all-powerful Flying Spaghetti Monster in such a way that their cerebellum of their brain develops differently. This in turn causes the person's body to change so that it closely resembles the physical appearance of God-King Andrew "Assfly" Schlafly. This process is very confusing, and scientists do not currently have enough information to know the definite answer, so therefore, the only possibility is that Flooddidit!!! Agree with me or I'll put you back in your mother's basement... I solemnly swear to Goat that everything that I say is 100 percent true. Trus me.

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