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I'm an embedded systems guy with an interest in science and technology of all sorts, but particularly in electronics, physics, and space. I occasionally take the time to dismantle piles of woo that catch my interest.

I'm mainly active on CosmoQuest (formerly BAUT) and, and occasionally on Ars Technica.

Reciprocal Theory[edit]

One recent but particularly good/bad/completely bonkers example of pseudophysics I've attacked is Ronald Satz's/Dewey Larson's capacitor nonsense.

Direct links to the relevant threads:

And Ronald Satz's blog in which he pretends his embarrassing failures in the above threads never happened:

In all, a fine example of a crank simply ignoring real world experiments and observations in favor of what they think reality should be like.

I took the first thread as an opportunity do some data acquisition/visualization experiments. I have an identical scope to what Satz was using in the third thread, so I simply used that. The results obtained by this "failed experimenter":