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User:Colossal Squid

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Squid's Adaptations
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"Imagination is more important than knowledge."
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Unfortunately, not actually the largest specimen of the most intelligent, adaptable marine animal in Earth, but a member of the most invasive, destructive, and hubristic of mammals.! I strive to contribute something positive to the world.

Main interests are environmentalism and leftist politics. Latin America just so happens to be the place where both of these intersect, so I take particular interest in contributing knowledge about the region. Long time dormant account, but decided to be more prolific due to the sheer amount of global warming related misinformation polluting our world.

!Turns out there is archaeological evidence that certain humans such as the indigenous tribes of the Amazon actually had a positive impact on ecosystems worldwide, so it's more accurately a certain subgroup of humans that are the real problem. Said subgroup tends to get really pissed if you specifically point that out rather than diffusing blame onto the entire species.

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