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Radio log from July 14, 2017:

WCBM 680 Baltimore, MD, July 11-14, 1000-1100. This poor station is reduced to playing endless commercials for erectile dysfunction, testosterone and penis enlargement pills during their morning "talk" show that features extreme right wing politics. I can't wait for Bruce Elliott[Note 1], the morning host, to replace his inline promotions for "My Pillow dot com" with "Hey, if you're like me, then you probably have trouble getting it up occasionally..." I shudder to think what of the grumpy old right wingers who listen to this station think of the penis pill commercials.

WFKJ 890 Cashtown, PA, July 9 at 1656. Anti-education propaganda from "Issues In Education dot org", into top of the hour ID "WFKJ working for king Jesus".

WWRC 1260, Washington, DC, July 9 at 1647. Several commercials for some outfit called the "American Freedom Law Center" all of which were islamaphobic, muslimphobic, commiephobic, and full of right wing conspiracy theories and other extreme right wing wingnuttery.

  1. the ghost of Tom Marr