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the United States. Maryland. Virginia. West Virginia.
But, if we throw out the baby Jesus with the bathwater, what do we have left?
—Elizabeth Border. "The Divided Kingdom"

We can neither confirm nor deny the existence of the information requested but, hypothetically, if such data were to exist, the subject matter would be classified, and could not be disclosed.


The best Facebook post ever[1]

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  • Split Right-wing media groups‎ into three articles; expand/rewrite articles on the Sinclair Broadcast Group, iHeartMedia, and Salem Radio Network.

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Obviously, everybody who does not have the IQ of a dyslexic goat is aware that you are an idiot.—Quantumhead, 12 September 2018[2]

I fucking done with talk pages and this sock crap. I'vwe never made a sock account you delete this thread or else. You are left wing retards and I'm done DONE!—TheDarkMaster2, 29 November 2018[3]

Debating with you idiots has been exhausting. Race is real. Fuck you all.—Rationaldriver, 14 January 2019[4]


Hey what the fuck is wrong with you? You keep banning me for no reason. Get a life, you troll. I just want to know about Nicolas Seuqeira.—Nicolas Seuqeira, 23 August 2019[6]

who control this site? Lefty idiots no doubt t, one can ONLY Hope you loose you site for writing utter rubbish about people—another random IP, 25 February 2020.[7]

FUCK YOUSE ATHEISTS!—Some random IP, 12 March 2020.[8]

THIS ARTICLE IS FULL OF SHIT AND CANNOT BE TRUSTED. The person who made this article is a liar and satan worshiper. The rest below his all lies.—Yet another random IP, 25 April 2020.[9]

i have proof that i am not a sock and therefore out of every editor i demand the following

unblocking of me - effective immedietly 2000$ out of every editor that edited erics article to be biased against mgtow - within 14 days handing over of all stimulus cheques by editors in the usa to me - effective when the stimulus bill is passed—User:Igor MGTOW, 24 December 2020.[10]

Can someone please remove my block and parole me from the vandal bin??? I really need to create some pages on the Prankster Comets from SMG.[WTF?] Thanks!!!!!!!—User:Unclescrooge, 14 May 2021[11]

As for the vandal bin the website has placed me into, go ahead, you right-wing dips. I didn't bore you. I literally changed things. That's it. You literally take every good feminist academic and writer and say bad things about them for literally no reason. You are literally right-wingers, anti-feminists. Gross. You ignore everything they've done, all the points they've made, because you're irrationalist, right-wing hacks.—User:SomethingAboutSomething, 31 May 2021[12]

Unblock me, It son that did it -- User:ÇzechLord, 27 December 2021[13]

Libtards are morans and their to stuped to except any fact that dosent sapport there narritave cause they dont no anything mabey you should of lisened in school than you mite not be so dum your a discrase to are country get a bran loosers your so stuped weather you no it or not I wish you new how stuped you are your rediculous you have no sence and your dumness effects the rest of us cause it gets other libtards elected you should’nt be aloud to vote you should be band — Some random vandal, 22 January 2022. Illiterate or poe?[14]

This is the first article I have read on your site and it will be my last. You liberals are sheep and far from rational. — a random IP[15]

...your best course of action is to completely ignore the people who troll RationalWiki, as they are quite literally nobody. They almost certainly do not have any power to do anything to harm you. They are merely (and pathetically) trolling the website and its users, and should be ignored. Don't give them any air at all and they will go away. -- cosmikdebris[16]

What is this? You Liberal-social fascists[WTF?] all just loath good humor. You are clearly all just targeting my work because it questions the running ideological line of this site. You claim to be against "authoritarianism", but this is clearly 1984-esque censorship. You all just hate great leaders! isc — Wisconcom[17]

But when the ban gets lifted I will be watching those pathetic cop-wannabes and scouring their fossil records to involve myself in every one of their abusive actions, past, present and future. — FairDinkum[18]

I have a doctoral degree in history. I have genuinely not heard of anecdotal before. —[19]

I would not consider this "wiki" to actually be a wiki, rather it is a radical woke echo-chamber that dangerously passes off their dogma as rational.—Some random internet[20]

12 September 2023 Carthage deleted page Chaim adahan (Hopelessly tiny stub: content was: "Chaim Adahan was a mekubal in Morocco in meknes. He was born in 1860 and passed away in 1940. He used sefer yetzirah to create animal's for poor people who didnt have any food for shabbat. He had giluy Eliyahu. When he passed away. The towns people would not bury him until it started to rain, asthere was a drought,in the merit of the tzaddik.", and the only contributor was "Yos korn" (talk))[21]


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