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Hi! Anonymous user

Hey there.

If you have come to call me some variation on Marxist Commie, Anarchist Antifa terrorist, Queer Furry, (((Zionist))), or insane SJW Enby, then please click here to make the truth known, because I am all those things.
Alas recently people have started using my username(s) on other websites, you can no longer assume an account on another site is mine, bear that in mind when contacting me.

# This user chats on Discord as Dysk#2545.

Gears.png As a Techadmin on RationalWiki: I pledge to try my best to help whenever an instance of technofuckwittery ensures, even if it is a severe case of PEBKAC. I furthermore pledge that I will try to avoid breaking the wiki, but if I make a mistake, I will be grateful to whoever speedily fixes it.