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Candidate statements[edit]


In my past 4 months as Mod I have:

  • Consistently been the most active moderator on RW
  • Revised the rules to add ones against things such as harassment and bad faith arguments.
  • Created new moderation measures such as the Pit and official warning, banning and kicking systems.
  • Updated/Added new bots and removed antiquated ones.

And if elected again, in my first 100 days hours as Mod I will:

  • Adopt a stricter and more official moderation policy towards trolls and staff misconduct.
  • Defuse drama via banning the instigators for days if needed (Yes, tempbans are indeed possible on this discord thanks to the bots added that I referenced above!)
  • Continue to actively administer this discord.

Keep RW great and make it even better. United 2019.

I'll do the same thing as before so shout at man if you need something
I stand to give mods more discretion over how they use their mod powers, we should also have more procedures in place to determine whether or not a mod has actually abused their powers and what punishment they should receive, if any. I am the Moderator's Candidate. Vote for me, Oxyaena.
I am Emily, that is all. Also I mod the porn server
Hash: SHA512
I am an anarchist and hence believe in the concept of democracy and accountability (or preferrably elimination) of people in power.
Hence, if a vote determines I should step down I shall do so.
I also would like to have a discussion about solutions to the growing issue of """ironic""" fascism on the server and the issue this causes for the more marginalised folks on it.
Give me power and I won’t be a bitch, I give you all my consent to vote for me ✌️
Uriel Machine#6605
Hi gucci gang, this is Uzi. I'm a huge fan of ratwiki and i will make anime real if elected. I do not tolerate naziism, discommunication from other mods, and general crankery. I support both levity and gravity. A vote for Uzi will oppress the gamers.
I am fairly experienced with modding healthy-sized communities. Most relevantly, for the past two years I've been a moderator of the Scandinavia and the World community forums, which has a userbase in the thousands, and an active userbase in the hundreds. For the past year, I've also been managing/modding the SatW Discord server, with a userbase about 1/5 the size, but still pretty active. Also, of note, about a year ago we faced a large troll infestation on the forums, and in spite of both sheer persistence on their part, and an extremely unhelpful admin who seemed to side with the trolls over the mod team at times, we managed to clean it out, which I feel makes for useful experience. If elected mod, I plan to be available and responsive to people's thoughts, concerns, and input, and I intend to take an active stance towards minimising drama, which seems to be rather common at present.
The server is often filled with needless drama and anger from people who've known one another closely and for a long time. What, exactly, would electing someone embedded in all this do, besides cause more trouble? Elect an outsider instead, who can be neutral and whom you can trust to resolve disputes fairly and without bias towards either side.
I've been on RationalWiki since 2016 and have made a couple high quality articles, in my opinion, so I am aware of and invested in the project's mission as well.
I will deal strictly with harassment, and ideologies that advocate hatred against marginalized groups. I will do my best to prevent drama from growing out of hand.
I owe a lot to you guys. I guess this'll sound like a joke, and far too corny, but I'm going with this anyway. RW has equipped me to argue against pseudoscientific claims better than anything. Before I started spending hours scrolling through articles about alternative medicine quacks, I knew I wanted to have science on my side during a discussion. I just wasn't able to apply it properly. I had a general idea on how the scientific method worked, and how to structure logical statements, but I would always stumble up somewhere along the line. Well, this wiki, and support from this server have genuinely made me a more intelligent person. It really is amazing that in the rotten plague that the Internet is in general, there is a website that just wants to make people smarter, and more reasonable. If the wiki is that, then the discord is even better. Seemingly 24/7, people are online, willing to let me interrupt whatever the hell they're talking about so I can ask a stupid question about some obscure claim from a climate change denier. My goal here is to allow people to have a similar experience to me. This means making sure that the most possible people are having productive conversations. I think I have a pretty cool head and am good at resolving disputes. I generally lean on the side of caution before taking an auction, so kneejerk responses shouldn't be a problem. Anyways, once I make Esperanto the official language of the discord, my work here will be done. I hope you'll vote for me cause I'll do the good things.
my platform is to encourage group activities like the reddit reclamation as well as games and reinforce mobocracy. I am often on so I will be able to act quickly.
Dea i guess#7905
Banning the chuds and demodding mk
Timewarper2 #9353
I promise quiet, efficient, considered, and careful moderation and curation of the server. While I certainly do not post often, and have a relatively small presence, I'm willing to work hard to ensure a responsible and safe environment for all who use it.
You know what I'm about. I generally prefer to only step in when there are explicit cases of rules being broken. Otherwise, I quite like the policy of "Mobocracy rules".
Currently a Mod on RationalWiki with knowledge of dispute resolution. If elected here I pledge to remain highly active, uphold the servers policies and listen to the mobocracy. #RWRW2019
If elected Co-owner, I will not do much directly, but I will work with the new mods to quell the rising tide of "ironic" fascism, put shitposting back in it's place, and ensure the prompt de-powering of mods who have overstayed their mandate. I hope that by doing so this server can become a better place to have relaxed, but productive discussions. But otherwise, I'll keep my admin powers in a glass-fronted case marked "break glass in case of emergency", and focus more on working with the mods to develop a healthier culture.
I'd like to clean ratwiki up of right wing chuds.
I am running for moderator to help work towards a less toxic RationalWiki, if elected I will bring a:
Zero tolerance policy towards any shitposting
Ban on soviet propaganda materials
Zero tolerance policy to memes glorifying Nazis or featuring Adolf Hitler
Make sure all bigots, misogynists, or transphobes are muted, even if they are not obviously trolling and only making people uncomfortable
Also I promise to oppress gamers and promote healthy discourse
El Bateador#3689
I apply to be a Junior Cop to help the Mods apply the rules more effectively, since I am active and on guard most of the time. I'll also take measures with trolls and other kinds of annoying stuff in the server.
I'll be following Sqy's philosophy, basically.
I am running as a joke candidate (think JohnMcaffe or Andrew Yang) don't actually vote for me tho :/