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I am a 22-year-old college kid with autism, and with aspirations of becoming a video game developer. Why am I here then?

I've come here to RationalWiki to debate respectfully and maturely. I can see both sides, as I am trapped in between being a religious man and a non-religious man. I strongly disagree with many of RationalWiki's tones of writing, and for several reasons:

  • Rationality is, by definition, an adherence to logic, reason and common sense. Nowhere in the definition does it include "insult and mock the opposing view," "laugh at the expense of the opposing view" or "make the opposing view look like idiots."

A message to RationalWiki[edit]

I think RationalWiki has deviated from its intended purpose, which I believe was to counter the obscene logical fallacies and reactionary rhetoric of ConserviPedia, which I will say is a very worthy target. It is undeniable how much Neoconservatism has damaged America and the world, and for risk of breaking the formal tone (which got too formal lolz) I will say that conservative Christians are dicks. I went to a private high school with a bunch of them, and it's scarred me. So seriously, I believe RationalWiki should return to its roots as the antithesis of Conservipedia.

It's also interesting to note that what you (RationalWiki) now seem to oppose and hate the most - mysticism and spirituality in general (not quite the same thing as traditional religion, which I see you have more respect for, why?) - has caused significantly fewer wars, committed far fewer atrocities and killed far fewer people than any traditional religion or even atheism itself. One can argue that atheism has never killed people. That's extremely incorrect...look at Communist Russia and China and the things they've done. With the exception of Scientology (which I think we can all agree is bullshit,) and a handful of truly batshit-insane cults, new religious movements and modern mysticism have not hurt or killed nearly as many people as orthodox religion has done.

I personally find it disturbing the level of utter disrespect and ridicule I see on RationalWiki. Such anger directed at people who most likely you do not know, have never hurt you, and you only label their practices as Bullshit or Woo because your own particular worldview excludes any possibility of believing the things they do. They are not bad and wrong for believing in a higher power, nor are you bad and wrong for refusing to believe. It's when human rights are endangered or dignity is lost which is when the trouble begins. Not everyone is going to think like you, and forgive me for not knowing enough, but if you (the RationalWiki users) truly desire to see all things you deem "woo" annihilated off the face of the earth, then you will be disappointed.