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RuneScape is a somewhat underrated browser MMORPG videogame. It has a simple point-and-click mechanism. It is developed by British company Jagex.


RuneScape is set in Gielinor, a fictional world. There are three major gods:

  • Guthix, the strongest god and god of balance
  • Zamorak, the god of chaos and terroriser of those who are not on his side
  • Saradomin, the god of order and wisdom

Many gods fought over each other in the God Wars, but Guthix stopped the fighting after a long period. The battles between followers of the different gods still occur, but are far less intense as in the God Wars.

Other gods also exist in RuneScape, but are far less important:

  • Armadyl, god of law
  • Zaros, an ancient god
  • Bandos, god of war
  • Menaphite Pantheon, gods of deserts far south of Gielior

There are also many other not-so-known-and-important religions.


Conservapedia accuses RuneScape lore of parodying religion (BLASPHEMY!!!!!!!!!!!!11oneone1exclamation!1!!) and some cultures (RACISM!). Of course, they're trying to portray RuneScape as an anti-Christian satanic videogame. Their arguments make readers question whether CP has read the backstory of RuneScape or at least actually played the damn game. CP is mixing up "inspiration" and "parody".
In other words, RuneScape is a great example of what a lying bag of donkey dung Conservapedia is.

Socialism (Scary!)[edit]

RuneScape promotes socialism.

No. It doesn't. And they don't actually bring up any proofs of socialism in-game here, so we can't even really debunk that. 'Cuz there is nothing to be debunked.

Global warming promotion![edit]

"There is also the quest Perils of Ice Mountain, which is in its essence a heavily liberal-biased"

Off course, only liberals believe in global warming. And you should really play the quest.

"commentary on global warming,"

It's about global warming only symbolically. There is no Al Gore promotion.

"environmental activism,"

Yeah, player holds up signs and demonstrates with hippie community in front of power station.


What? Who is lobbying? There isn't even government to be lobbyied!

"and use of fossil fuel."

And Paul is dead. C'mon, at least play the fucking game!
Dragons are used as power source. Fossil. Fuel. Aren't. FUCKING. DRAGONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


RuneScape promotes evolution!

That's right, and it should! Monkeys are described as distant relatives of humans. You have to admit: Jagex has balls to challenge fundamentalists in that way. We're with you, Jagex!

Anti-socialist-global-warming-evolution revolt![edit]

RuneScape Community Forums are 'full of rants against evolution, global warming and socialism promotion in RuneScape.'

Sorry. RuneScape players are actually mostly normal, educated and reasonable European people, not fundamental religious fanatic American psychos. There are very little, if even any, debates and/or rants of this kind. See for yourself! In other words, players rather spend more time bitching about game changes.


There is no creator of Gielinor. Guthix just shaped it.

Wrong. It's true that Guthix shaped Gielinor, but the world was created by ancient gods.

Guthix is an uncaring pagan god.

He is not uncaring. At the end of the God Wars, he cried so hard that rocks around him started to cry, too. That place is now known as Tears of Guthix and the rocks there are still crying.
As for Pagans - *sigh*. Actual druids were pagans, but in-game Guthixian druids are not. Here, Conservapedians confuse reality with fiction. Pagans worshipped multiple gods. These "Pagans" don't. They don't seem to worship anyone, in fact. "Pagan" druids focus only on herbalism, spreading word of Guthix and the summoning of spiritual beings.

Guthix has no shape, gender or definite form.

Nope. At least partially wrong. Guthix appears mainly as a human. Although it is lacking gender, it is portrayed numerous times as a man.


Zamorak, the god of chaos, is an "obvious" parody of Satan, according to Conservapedia.

Nope. While he has some similarities, he doesn't measure up to Christian portraits of Satan. He is not the universal source of all evil and punisher of evil doers in the afterlife, he's just a counter-force to Saradomin. Actually, Saradominists and Zamorakians are known for conspiring together against Guthixians and Saradominists are known for being just as aggressive as Zamorakians.

Zamorak turned agaisnt his higher god, much like Satan.

It is true that he rebelled against his higher god, but consider:
Saradomin supposedly represents the Christian god and Zamorak supposedly represents Satan. In the Christian tradition, Satan rebelled against God. In RuneScape, "Satan" Zamorak was not rebelling against "Christian God" Saradomin. He was rebelling against the ancient god Zaros. In fact, Saradomin rebelled against Zaros as well and supported Zamorak in his uprising.
Not to mention that he was a mere mortal before achieving godhood.

Zamorak's followers are mostly 'deluded sects' like Dagon'hai.

Wrong again. It's true that Zamorak's followers are not very centralized - but neither are followers of any other god. Also, Zamorakian follower 'sects' cannot be described as 'sects'. Most of them are powerful organizations or war factions who are able to plan dangerous conspiracies. Even the king of Kandarin, the greatest kingdom of Gielinor, King Lathas, is Zamorakian. The Dagon'hai are far too powerful to be just a 'sect.'

Zamorak's followers are involved in demonic rituals!

Although demonic rituals are involved in game, they are not nearly as creepy, dark and mystic as real-life rituals. They simply serve for summoning powerful demons from other dimensions, to which they were banished after the God Wars. The player normally crashes these rituals by killing the summoned demon.

Zamorak's followers are performing witchcraft!

Wrong. Witches in the game cannot be linked to Zamorak.


Saradomin is the Christian God but he's portrayed as arrogant, deceitful and uncaring.

Well... No. He is only worshipped in a near-Christian way. He is not arrogant, deceitful or uncaring; only his followers can be described as such (even then not all of them, that is) - and still, if they do evil, they are just trying to do the lesser one.
It is true that Saradomin is trying to eliminate evil, but he wants to bring order. Not good, order. He is not a god of good as the Christian God is made out to be.

The H.A.M. organization is the Ku Klux Klan! That's right! While your kids are playing an innocent game, they are being brainwashed by white supremacists!

They are jumping to quick conclusions, again. H.A.M. (Humans Against Monsters) is an organization of mostly Saradominist followers who want to erase all non-human races from the face of Gielior. They can hardly be tagged instantly as the "Ku Klux Klan". They could be nationalists or pretty much any extremist group. In other words, besides ideology, they don't have any similarities with the KKK. Even if they would represent the Ku Klux Klan, the way they are portrayed is not positive in any way, shape or form. The player even defeats them in the end.

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