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Flag of Israel.svg Important public service announcement: Don't fuck with Israel. That is all. Flag of Israel.svg
Turmbau zu Babel

Flag of Slovenia.svg Dis yuser is Slovene ant lyvs in Slovenia. Dat is tha mein reson four his bed Engliš. You mey fel fre to ficks his gramatic erors, but he exscepts yu two aprecciate teh amoount of vork he putss in RW. All iur basse arr beloong two uss.
Lubi Slovenci.jpg This user's mother tongue is Slovene.
! PSA: Since this user mentioned his nationhood for two times already, you may think he's a nationalist. He's not, he just has a healthy degree of respect and love for his language, nation, culture and TRST JE NAŠ! ... Ahem. Excuse that. No, don't google it, it doesn't mean anything. Seriously.
Flag of England.svg This user speaks English so-so.
Flag of England.svg This user speaks Slovene English wery wery god.
Flag of Germany.svg Dieser RationalWiki Benutzer spricht Deutsch schauerlich.
Book burning.JPG This user always gets his articles and/or contributions deleted and/or edited for being off mission and/or not funny and/or due to his crappy English and/or poor writing and/or because other editors are assholes. Well, life's a bitch.
Icon language.svg This user likes to use prefix miso- instead of -phobia, because he finds using phobia synonymously with hatred stupid.

Political compass small logo.gif
This user's Political Compass coordinates are (-5.75,-5.79 ).

Moral compass logo.png
This user's Moral Politics results are -6,2.
Icon sex.svg This user is homophobophobic. Or should he say misohomophobic. Or should he say misomisohomoistic.
Icon philosophy.svg This user is not a feminist, or a masculinist, or a mysoginist, or a bigot, or a fanatic, he just believes in equality of genders, call that what you want.
Icon atheism.svg This user is an atheist.
Stalin-140508 27880t.jpg This user's mother calls him the Antichrist because of his atheism.
Icon denialism.svg Holocaust deniers make this user want to blow his fucking brains out.
Icon sex.svg This user is against infant circumcision, but if you're 18 and want to chop off a part of your penis, that's fine.
Vg icon.svg This user is an avid gamer and a Stormcloak. Huzzah!
Flag of Israel.svg This user thinks Israel is badass. Admit it, being attacked from all sides and heavily outnumbered yet emerging victorious is badass.
September 11 Photo Montage.jpg This user is cured of ninelevenconspiracyonosis. The cure? A mix of TJ and reason.
Apollo 11 Crew During Training Exercise - GPN-2002-000032.jpg This user is cured of moonlandingconspiracyonosis.
This user is currently ignoring RW's article on TheAmazingAtheist, because he thinks that:
a) the article is fucked up beyond correctable state into a pile of more or less information-free slander based completely on an unimportant controversy no one will remember or care about in a matter of moths while all even slightly important and/or positive information was thrown out
b) the article is making retarded and stupid assumptions based on the before-mentioned controversy to paint him as the biggest, dumbest and douchiest troll on the internet
c) current status of the article is equal to taking a piss on all the (though shitty) work he has put into it.
TJ This user is a fan of TheAmazingAtheist and if you have anything against it you can fuck off address your complaints to the nearest wall as it will give a rather larger amount of a fuck about them than this user.
Rudolf Maister.jpg This user doesn't give as much fuck about in which country Carinthian Slovenes and other Slovene minorities live as he does about how their national rights are treated.

An awesome song you have to listen to[edit]

Lili Marleen
by Hans Leip and Norbert Schultze

Vor der Kaserne,
Vor dem großen Tor,
Stand eine Laterne.
Und steht sie noch davor,
So woll'n wir uns da wieder seh'n,
Bei der Laterne wollen wir steh'n
Wie einst, Lili Marleen.
Uns'rer beiden Schatten
Sah'n wie einer aus.
Daß wir so lieb uns hatten,
Das sah man gleich daraus.
Und alle Leute soll'n es seh'n,
Wenn wir bei der Laterne steh'n
Wie einst, Lili Marleen.
Schon rief der Posten,
Sie bliesen Zapfenstreich,
Es kann drei Tage kosten,
Kam'rad, ich komm' ja gleich,
Da sagten wir auf Wiedersehn,
Wie gerne würd' ich mit dir geh'n,
Mit dir, Lili Marleen.
Deine Schritte kennt sie,
Deinen schönen Gang,
Alle Abend brennt sie,
Doch mich vergaß sie lang.
Und sollte mir ein Leid gescheh'n,
Wer wird bei der Laterne steh'n
Mit dir, Lili Marleen?
Aus dem stillen Raume,
Aus der Erde Grund,
Hebt mich wie im Traume
Dein verliebter Mund.
Wenn sich die späten Nebel drehn,
Werd' ich bei der Laterne steh'n
Wie einst, Lili Marleen.

Tamkaj pred kasarno,
poleg glavnih vrat,
stala je laterna,
k'je tam še od takrat.
Pod njeno žolto tam lučjo,
prijel te bom spet za roko,
kot že, Lili Marlen!
Tam je majhen svet,
samo za naju dva,
kjer se tvoja senca
z mojo poigra.
In vsi ljudje naj vidijo,
da to je najino slovo,
s teboj, Lili Marlen!
Tvoj korak
samotno odmeva v temo,
mojega že dolgo
ni več pod lučjo.
in ko bo svet temo pregnal,
le kdo bo pod laterno stal,
s teboj, Lili Marlen!
V vetru nad grobovi,
ki hlipa za vse nas,
sliši se kot v sanjah
tvoj ljubeči glas.
In ko bo svet meglo pregnal,
bom spet tam pod laterno stal,
s teboj, Lili Marlen!

My collection of laws[edit]

The first law of rationality: The amount of attention a woman gets from a man is proportional with depth of women's neckline.
The second law of rationality: As talk about cats progresses, the chance of someone mentioning death of a cat/cats and/or violence that is somehow connected with cats rapidly approaches 1.
The third law of rationality: One can justify anything with anything if one's ignorance is sufficient.

A (crappy) Slovene translation of "Here Comes the Sun" (Don't bother transgooglelating it, meaning of words is virtually the same)[edit]

Here Comes the Sun
by George Harrison
translated by DasRationalpersone
Glej, sonce gre,
du du du du,
glej sonce gre,
že dobro.
Ljubo moje,
bila je dolga, hladna zima.
Ljubo moje,
kot da že leta te ni tu.
Glej, sonce gre
du du du du,
glej sonce gre,
že dobro.
Ljubo moje,
nasmeh se vrača na obraze.
Ljubo moje,
kot da že leta te ni tu.
Glej, sonce gre
du du du du,
glej sonce gre,
že dobro.
So-o-o-nce gre.
So-o-o-nce gre.
So-o-o-nce gre.
Ljubo moje,
led se začel je že topiti.
Ljubo moje,
kot da že leta te ni tu.
Glej, sonce gre
du du du du,
glej sonce gre,
že dobro.

Garbage can[edit]

—A typical reaction seconds after entering 24kul (should the visitor understand Slovene, heaven forbid)

I'd TAP that!
—A typical reaction seconds after entering Br3aking Porn (should the visitor understand Slovene, heaven forbid)
Flag of Slovenia.svg WARNING: This article was hijacked by Slovenian ultranationalists and had some traffic signs text rewritten in Slovenian. If you don't understand them, go home transgoogleate it. Flag of Slovenia.svg

There once was a teen against porn,
who sat all day forlorn,
no matter how he prayed, it wouldn't go away
and he pulled all night on his horn.
YouTube turned a fat, angry loser into a fat, angry loser people listen to. Powerful stuff.