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User:DeltaStar/Barely legal

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In the United Kingdom, the Ministry of Transport regulations state that a road vehicle's tyres[1] must have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm across 75% of the tyre's[1] breadth. A tyre[1] with less tread than this is thus illegal, and if found on a road going vehicle can result in 3 penalty points on the driver's licence[2] and a fine of £60.

So, I hereby present a gallery of barely legal beauties for you to enjoy.

File:Barely legal4.jpg
Pure jailbait - looks legal from afar, but that tread is borderline!
File:Barely legal3.png
Ooohh! This one's had some punishment.
Cut to the cords - she needed alignment from an early age.

Brace yourself for this next one, this is pretty hardcore!

File:Barely legal1.jpg
A veritable orgy of barely legals!


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