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"An atheist believes in speciation regardless of the evidence, because it serves as his substitute for the existence of God." - A Schlafly.



"DeltaStar", if I asked whether a pitcher of unknown name who has thrown at least three no-hitters should likely be in the Hall of Fame, your methodology is not going help answer the statistical question. I wasted time with your unsubstantial additions and like most liberals you act like you're smarter than every one else and hope that people will agree with you because you seem smart and "reasonable", so clearly you're favoring immorality. Like all liberals, you deny that intelligent design stops murder. Nobody seriously doubts that nearly all law professors are liberal. As you can see on the liberal blogs, evolutionists both hate the Bible and are remarkably ignorant about it. Open your mind a bit, please, for your own sake. Godspeed.--aschlafly 01:42, 15 April 2021 (UTC)

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Moral matrix[edit]

Here's my results after doing this little test:

MoralMatrix political systems.png
Pol 17a6058c1cf24d838fde90f50f0dab40.png

YOUR SCORE Your scored -3 on Moral Order and -1 on Moral Rules.

The following categories best match your score (multiple responses are possible): System: Liberalism

Ideology: Capital Democratism

Party: Democratic Party

Presidents: John F Kennedy

04' Election: John Kerry

08' Election: Barrack Obama

If I was 'Merrrican I probably would have voted that way.

Of the 577,833 respondents (10,347 on Facebook): 11% are close to you. 36% are more conservative. 5% are more liberal. 19% are more socialist. 27% are more authoritarian.

TV & radio 'personalities' that are complete cocks[edit]

  • Dara fucking O'Brian
  • Vernon fucking Kaye
  • Phil fucking Jupitus
  • Colin fucking Murray
  • Patrick fucking Keilty
  • Eamon bloody Holmes
  • Russel fucking Brand (what the fuck is this cunt anyway? A comedian? A DJ? A TV presenter? Or just a cock?)
  • Scott fucking Mills

Lest anyone accuse me of not enjoying TV comedy[edit]

This is funny...

As is Father Ted.