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Sockpuppet.jpg Excuse me, dear sir or madam, but I'm looking for a lost little sockpuppet.
You haven't happened to see any sockpuppets around here,
have you, PCHS-NJROTC?

Hello, my name is Dexter Morgan. I'm a blood spatter analyst for the Miami Metro Police Department. I was damaged as a young boy when I watched my mother be murdered brutally with a chain saw. The killers left my brother and I sit in a pool of blood until the police eventually found us. I picked up a dark passenger that day; since then I've developed an obsession with killing. First dogs and other pets, then people. Harry Morgan, the first cop on the scene, adopted me. He taught me a code. Rule number one of the code is don't get caught. Rule number two is never kill an innocent. So I only kill other serial killers, and I'm very careful about it. My brother also grew up to be a serial killer, which I didn't know until years later. I had to kill him to protect my sister Deb. My adopted sister Deb, that is. I had a wife, her name was Rita. She was damaged in her own way, after going through an abusive relationship. But another serial killer, Arthur Mitchell, killed her before I could kill him. I found her in the bathtub, and the tub was full of blood. I found my son Harris sitting in blood. He witnessed his mother be murdered just as I had. I have two stepchildren: Astor and Cody. Cody is very respectful of me. Astor used to be sweet but she's grown up to be a snooty little whore. Nevertheless, I treat them both as if they were my own. The only living person who knows who I am is Lumen Ann Pierce. She's the first person I actually felt comfortable with sharing my secrets with. But she went back to Minnesota. I have no feelings for anybody or anything. Not even you. I'm just cold. Very cold.