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Greetings, Rational Wiki Fans!

I joined Rational Wiki on April 4, 2018.

I've been using English Wikipedia as my main online source for general information for several years now. About a year ago I decided that reading Russian Wikipedia articles on topics that I already knew about would be a good way to improve my vocabulary and reading skills. After being interested in Thailand last year, I began to read articles on Thai Wikipedia instead.

I wanted to tell my Thai students that there is more to do on the internet than just play games and chat. I told them about Rational Wiki, a site where you could learn about almost any topic. However, I knew that the English would be too difficult for them.

I think Rational Wiki is an excellent idea. It is so discouraging to try to read in a foreign language if the vocabulary of the text is too difficult. I hope that Rational Wiki will be useful to my students and to all other English learners.

Knowledge should be easy to get.

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